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  1. Could anyone provide some assistance with this? I'm really hoping to find something really similar at least.
  2. +1. I'm not as big a fan of the pants, though. I understand that it's hard to make an alternate for Texas, but the "Longhorns" doesn't look good on the pants. Yeah, I'll likely remove the wordmark on the pants. It's something I really wanted to work. But the more I see it, the less it fits.
  3. Haha. I've done a black and gray set for Texas. But I honestly feel this is the most fitting. Going BFBS or GFGS doesn't appeal to me as much these days.
  4. Many thanks! I think the one thing that Longhorn fans are curious about as far as a change in uniforms is what a Burnt Orange helmet could look like. The school is really traditional so I'm not sure if/when we'll ever see it. But I definitely wanted to incorporate it in my design.
  5. Its a sponsor I use on my car that why its there. just like how matt kenseth is sponsor by dollar general, but has home depot on the back. I think the questions is more about why Kellogg's is on the back of the car twice. Rather than once. Still, you did a good job with the car.
  6. We're entering that "You don't touch those" territory. As Nike, Under Armour and Adidas prepare to bid on representing Texas, I felt inspired to try out a new concept. I truly believe that Texas is just a few years away from rolling out an alternate uniform. But if they do so, I'm convinced it will be fairly conservative. I'm not expecting a blacked out set or anything that could be considered a drastic move away from their fairly conservative style. Thus, I tried to keep it simple with their alternate. With the school being so proud of their academics, I included the University's seal on the collar. I enlarged the "Texas" fontface on the chest to symbolize that "everything is bigger in Texas" mindset. The Longhorn logo can be seen behind the chest name and number. It's mean to simulate the sun/lights shining on the uniform and displaying the mascot. The only other additions to the uniform are a burnt orange helmet, white sleeves (w/Burnt Orange numbers) and Longhorns on the mesh of the pants.
  7. Agreed, it's a little tired. With that said, these designs are anything but. Really inspiring work. It's very different from anything else currently in the MLB. It's a great look for my favorite team.
  8. That my friend is beautiful. I definitely think removing the green from the wordmark helped clean it up some. This is really solid work.
  9. These are really coming together! It might just be me, but I'd take out the green in the chest wordmark. I feel like it makes the wordmark too busy. And it would help in drawing attention to the green on the sides of the uniforms. Really great work here though.
  10. Everything looks really good. I'm a Rangers fan so I was particularly interested to see what you did with them. The Astros set was the best looking of the bunch. It definitely had the most character. The A's looked good as well. Can't wait to follow this.
  11. Does anyone have this as a PSD template?
  12. Sorry your ego wasn't stroked enough. All we did was ask for a template; I'm sure none of us here expected to be belittled by you. Your work is good, but you're a jerk. Harsh. Just because the man does not want to give up his template and hard work to be imitated by all and sundry. Good on him for sticking to his guns. Too many people want something for nothing all the time. Nobody took offense to his refusal in sharing a template. I think everyone respects him for his work. And I think everyone moved on from him not making the template available. That is his choice, I absolutely respect that. He doesn't owe anyone here a single thing and he shouldn't be expected too. What people took offense to was the unnecessary shot he decided to take at those who would have liked to use his template. It was he decided to use the words "unoriginal" and "real designers". Bear in mind, he used those words against people asking to use a template he created, from images that Nike created for the same purpose. Which more or less suggests, he thinks he's above everyone here. And that him using the images Nike created for his template, isn't theft. But anyone who creates their own templates from the images, are stealing from him. That's what people took offense too. Personally, I don't care anymore. I'll develop my own template and I'll let my designing ability speak for itself. I just know that when I do post my designs, I don't want hear a single comment about theft or a lack of originality. And if people just so happen to like my design and ask for a few tips or assistance, I won't read those requests and in turn belittle people for them.
  13. I'm inclined to agree that classic uniforms such as the schools mentioned, should remain base sets for each of those Universities. With that said, every one of those universities is going to have alternates within the next ten to fifteen years. It's far too much of a recruiting tool.
  14. The Texas Longhorn Away Uniforms are often referred to as their "Stormtrooper Aways". It was with that thought in mind that some Longhorn friends approached me and asked me to do my own version of the Texas/Star Wars Affiliation. Thus, I present to you my Vaders and Stormtroopers. I like the set. But I'd never want Texas to go away from the Burnt Orange Primary at Home.