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  1. DW - in the .zip files is a readme file which tells which of the Block fonts belongs with which team. The Jets is "NFL Varsity Block A". I think wysinwyg mentioned that the Vikings are not on the list. I would imagine they are the same NFL Block A but the makers would probably know definitively. Eriq, Nick, JP, et al. Thanks for the fix on the "8's". I know these fonts are a pain in the @ss to make but they really are a tremendous resourse to the community. Great job!!!
  2. From last week. P.S. I thought the Cowboys Throwback font was from the old Cowboy jerseys and not the current Thanksgiving Throwbacks - sorry.
  3. On the "Cowboys Throwback", the number "2" on the sleeve/shoulder should be sans serif. On the same font, the 6's and 9's should have an extra bend. I'm not sure how to describe this technically, but if you start at the top of the 6, there should be a bend at the end where the end of the curve meets the straight left end. Also, I believe the "5" has a slant at the middle joint - similar to the 5's on the Varsity Block D font. The insides of the numbers should be slanted, not square. All of these are for the shoulder/sleeve font (shift + #), the standard font is excellent.
  4. Eriq, there is a problem on some of the block 8's. The center notch on the right side is not straight on NFL Varsity Blocks B, C, D, F and H and on all of the Varsity Block fonts. This distortion becomes more noticeable the larger the font is. This problem does not appear to be on the secondary (shift-8) numbers.
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