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  1. I take issue with the font.
  2. Where has this thread gone? I was loving this!!!
  3. It looks good, but an "L" does not immediately jump out. I would look at the shape of the letter and maybe modify the blue a little bit. I'm not quite sure about the J-A. I like where you're trying to go with it, but I think it needs a little work.
  4. I'm still working on it. Not the graveyard yet. Got a few technical bugs to sort out.
  5. Well, I thought I would have a Marlins concept up. The tools are not compatible with my computer. This is unfortunate.
  6. Due to errors on the internet, these concepts must appear as links to Phtobucket pics. Marlins concept coming this evening!
  7. I meant that when concepts are posted, I would appreciate C&C. What do you mean, Ugh?
  8. Welcome to the Mark's Hand-Drawn Concepts Thread. Concepts will be few and far between. C&C is appreciated.
  9. The name is obviously a HUGE fixer-upper.
  10. Brave Bird is just one annoying, critical guy. They looked great already. Nitpicking, really.
  11. When I first saw the logo, I thought the brown would be way too dark, but in practice it really works.
  12. I think the whole thing looks great, save the primary logo. It is very hard to draw/render tornadoes, so I can live with it.
  13. Recent Stats = 1 Followers and 0 Unfollowers get your statistics at

  14. I agree. The Red Sox arched font looks rather... non-NFL.