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  1. That would be a nice sponsor, but like you said, it was in the remake. Plus there are so many Safari Zones, so I think Fuchsia would be the best fit for that sponsor. I agree. While it still is 3/4ths covered by water, some incorporation of the fighting type should be represented. I'm not saying you need a hitmonlee or hitmonchan to represent that, or a Pokemon in general, but some sort of of fighting type reference would make this good logo great. Chuck did have a Poliwrath.... That's Water-Fighting. Also, there should be a Crown City team, the city from the Zoroark movie. There was a Pokemon "Baccer" world cup there, so you could do something interesting. Also:Veilstone Meteors & Dream Canalave FC (Darkrai & Cresellia).
  2. Huh? Oh no you didn't, did you actually make some original court logos for the stadium?
  3. Cianwood is good, but being a city with a fighting type gym, I feel the team should reflect that i some way, maybe a one-off alternate?
  4. Well, it is Oak's home town. Also, wasn't there a PokeCenter that had, like a million Pikachus providing power?
  5. It sounds European-y, but at the same time American-y, what all MLS names should do.
  6. Are the Villanous teams going to get clubs (in any way, I.E: Sponsorship)?
  7. Even more Unova teams suggestions! (If you do them) Nacrene FCCastelia TowersNimbasa ZebstrikaDriftveil EarthquakesAero Mistralton SCIcirrus BearticHumilau AquaticsAlso, the Pallet Town......... Pikachus!!!!
  8. I'm not doing Unova and Kalos because they're based off of America and France, whereas the rest are based in Japan, and thought to be fairly local to each other in comparison. I will likely do some teams for them after this series. (Unova could be a challenge with the whole parallel universes thing) And actually, there will be a couple of teams from Orre and one from Orange Islands. Both of which are considered "close" to the first four generations' regions. Don't worry, I've played them all! Hmm... Well, Unova and Kalos can be in their own league, like say... Draco Oplecuid FC or... Lumiose Lighting
  9. You said you'd be doing teams in Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh. What about Unova and Kalos? Also, I'm an official Bulbapedia-liscened Poke-ologist. If you need help, just ask. (If the reason you're not doing Unova and Kalos is because you didn't play the games, I have, so if you want suggestions/help with Unova and/or Kalos (if you are going to do them) I'll be happy to!)
  10. How about the Atlanta Legion? Ya know. Terminus Legion, Atlanta Legion.
  11. Hmm... Got It! One of these four: 1. Mascots 2. Practice Uniforms 3. Rosters 4. Minor League Teams!
  12. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why! This was the best thread on the forums (no offense to everyone else). Why did it have to stop?!
  13. I'm thinking "why not make this a whole league?," the was a league called NFL Europe, so why not NHL Europe? Are u feeling me Neilb
  14. Hmm.... Please? Can You do it? Ok, I just though it would be really cool to have a Minor Leagues considering as how you mentioned them, it could only be sixteen teams, 2 MLF teams per Minor Leaguer (like the NBA D-League), but that's fine if you don't have the time (though I would love to see a MLF expansion!)