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  1. 4 hours ago, mjd77 said:

    It's time the NBA allows only 1 alternate set per team and maybe a few  throwback nights per season.  With a fresh start with Nike coming, now is the time to get this under control.


    with all sincerity, :censored: that.


    bring on the alts. 

  2. 53 minutes ago, dont care said:

    You do realize undershirts are used in all sports right? NBA is probably the only one where the majority don't use them (but I could be wrong and it actually be used by most players). And also you are wrong about design. Sport design is used to create an aesthetic appearance that looks to appeal to the greatest audience possible. In baseball that design asthethic is a classic design that has worked for decades. There is nothing about the current design of baseball uniforms that "creates problems." The materials have improved and been updated but the overall cut and design of the uniforms do not need to change.


    You're totally wrong about sports design having a different motive than any other type of design. Aesthetics are a piece of the puzzle, but as you said the main motive with aesthetics is to appeal to the audience. 


    The original point of a modern baseball hat was to block the sun from the wearer's eyes, not to look cool.


    I just outlined for you problems with the current design of baseball uniforms.


    Buttons are basically pointless and are used inconsistently by players. They also create issues with team branding on front of uniforms. Belts are unnecessary for athletic apparel. Fabric and cut have changed since the start of the sport but in general haven't advanced with whats possible or what makes sense due to the abilities apparel companies have today.


    This doesn't happen often, but there have even been plays where the ball has entered the player's jersey through the holes in between buttons. This is a design problem whether you understand it as such or not. Is it a huge deal? No. Obviously, like I said, it rarely happens. Regardless it is a flaw in the design. 


    If the point of sports design was solely to create aesthetic appeal, why would baseball have ever changed from these looks? I'm thinking because it makes no sense to wear a tie and collared shirt to play a sport. The belt and the buttons are just pointless leftovers.







  3. On 4/10/2017 at 3:53 PM, rams80 said:


    It's a bit more bearable considering you spend half of your time in the shaded dugout.


    On 4/10/2017 at 4:22 PM, dont care said:

    You are making it sound like they are playing in sweatshirts and garbage bags. They aren't, they are wearing an undershirt of some kind, a fairly lightweight polyester jersey, with even lighter vent areas. They wear pants to protect themselves when sliding. And then they wear a hat to shield their faces from the sun. Shorts were tried before and they didn't last half a season before they dropped them. I sure they could uses some different materials and they are experimenting with them to degrees but the cuts of the uniforms don't need fixing.


    Im not making it seem like that, I'm simply saying it's hot out. 


    The materials have improved over the last 100 years, but let's not act like we aren't all hot when we stand outside in July weather. It's not like its a conspiracy. Sun+Summer=hot.


    The less fabric the better. Shorts won't work, but why are baseball pants essentially slacks with a belt? Why do players need buttons and undershirts? Button up jerseys are more "formal" than "athletic". They also create problems with team branding across the chest, and some players look sloppy because they opt to leave buttons undone. Some teams, like the Cardinals, have extra wide gaps between buttons because the logo needs more space. It just doesn't make any sense. Design is supposed to solve problems, not create problems. Baseball jerseys with buttons are a design problem.

  4. 1 hour ago, ScubaSteve said:

    I mean let's face it, baseball could theoretically switch to very modern and lightweight jerseys to benefit the players. But the sport is filled with so many traditionalists that it will only get so far.


    (and I'm just now picturing them playing with visors instead of caps lol :lol:)


    If people really have an issue with doing away with belts and buttons, thats their own problem. 


    It's never made sense to me how outdated baseball uniforms are. These guys play in the worst heat of any sport, but wear multiple layers of dated clothing that makes no sense.

  5. 3 hours ago, PaleVermilion81 said:

    In my experience*, degrees only matter if you're trying to get into a corporate headquarters. All other jobs it is more about networking and how good your portfolio is. The best designers I've ever worked with had less to no formal training in the field and the some of the worst had the most training (not saying this is true for everyone, but that has just been my experience). Do awesome work and network. That is the better route by far. 


    *My experience: 2 year degree in Communication Art & Design, and have worked at smaller companies (ie. 3 man web design firm, smalltown newspaper, printing press) and larger companies (Target HQ, currently at Thomson Reuters). 


    You're right, but you can't magically create great work. A degree isn't just a piece of paper that you sign up for and receive a few years later. You learn things along the way...not only technical skills but also how to work with others, communicate your ideas and think in new ways.


    People have a common misconception that being a great designer is all about making something that looks good. That's why people get jealous when huge agencies land million dollar contracts to create a simple logo. You need to learn how to conceptualize and sell unique ideas.....not impossible to do without school, but school definitely helps.


    *I've finished my BFA program w/ focus in GD....finishing up a couple gen eds this semester and graduating in May.

  6. 57 minutes ago, MCM0313 said:

    Since I figured out that the shorts don't have pinstripes, I haven't been able to look at this set quite the same way as before.


    In a bad way? 


    I definitely prefer it without pinstripes on the shorts.

  7. I'd think of something different that could represent you besides your initials. It's the go-to for many, especially those interested in sports, so it's definitely outplayed. What you've done isn't bad, but I think you could figure out a more unique mark. 


    What do you want a viewer to know about you? How do you approach design? 

  8. I really love the idea of volt (maybe just because I love volt in general). I think it may need a darker blue to pair with it tho. It looks good with light blue as is now but it may end up feeling too bright without something to offset it.

  9. 5 hours ago, Metro Boomin said:

    The outlines at least make it look like a Chargers logo. My problem with the original is it didn't say Chargers to me. Sure it had a bolt but they've never used one that looked like that in their history


    I'd rather they do something new than keep recycling the same look they've had.

  10. Been working on this project recently for fun. I'm not 100% done but it's come a long way and I'm happy with it as is now. 


    Goal was to refresh the brand and create something that wont age quite as quickly as their current branding. I'm a fan so I may be biased, but I love what the Panthers did when they refreshed the logo and word mark (next step is uniforms, hopefully). The Panthers logo was definitely inspiration for this project.


    Check out some of the project below and more on my portfolio!











    Looking forward to your feedback!


  11. On 1/5/2017 at 8:25 PM, Wildcat24 said:

    Yes, I know that. My point is simply that the school's physical mascot is female, which isn't very common. The nickname is unrelated, which is good because galoshes would make a crummy mascot.


    Now, I doubt there was a conscious decision at the beginning to make the mascot female, they likely just made a kangaroo suit with a pouch because like you said, that's what most people think of. But at some point they ran with it and Zippy is always referred to as female today.






    Okay thats fine. But what you're saying isn't really relevant to the discussion at hand. "Zip" isn't used to describe a female human. "Stallion" on the other hand is used as slang for a male human. 


    Doesn't really matter if the Akron mascot IS a female. I think most college mascots are viewed as or referred to as a male....but the school name and logo aren't really making that distinction. 


    The school mascot is a physical being so it can have a gender. The Duke Blue Devil's mascot is a male and has it's own personality, but "Blue Devils" as a name doesn't specify a gender because its a title that represents a school where men/women are equals. 

  12. 21 hours ago, KittSmith_95 said:



    Say a school chose to name themselves the "Hyenas" and the logo was of a spotted hyena. Would it be unfair for a male student to be offended by the name considering that male spotted hyena's are submissive to the females? 


    Yeah, I just flipped the situation on it's head using a real animal example. 


    No it wouldn't be a problem because neither a male or female Hyena is used to describe a male or female human. 


    I had no idea Hyena's had a different look according their appearance and I don't think it's common knowledge for the general public. 

  13. On 1/5/2017 at 5:09 PM, O.C.D said:

    How does being represented by a male gendered animal belittle a female? Would males being represented by a female animal be belittled as well? 


    I'd have no problem with a school having both male and female gendered mascots to make people happy, I do have a problem with the narrative of a soley male animal being inherently bad and harmful because it's male.


    The fact that you think Penises and Stallions are essentially representative of the same thing is ridiculous. A male animal is more than its genitalia. 


    A male mascot representing an entire student body belittles the female students/coaches because it's putting the entire spotlight on the males. 


    I mentioned jokingly "we also let the girls play" because that's essentially what would be needed in fine print below the logo. If we were talking about the name of a male sports team, Stallions might be ok....but it's supposed to represent everyone. That's why "Mustangs" works and "Stallions" doesn't. A Mustang is essentially a wild horse and honestly more associated with a cool car than anything. A Stallion is an uncastrated adult male horse and the term has been used to describe human males. 


    Urban Dictionary's top definition of a stallion:


    "A male who is able to conduct sexual intercourse for hours on end. Not necessarily hung like a horse, but he knows how to give a girl the ride of her life. He laughs at Viagra commercials, especially the part about a 4 hour erection being a bad thing."


    So yeah, I do think Penises and Stallions are representing the same thing because that's the general stigma surrounding the terms as defined by society. 


    It's not harmful because it's male, it's harmful because of the precedence it sets. It makes women the 2nd class citizens of the school.


  14. 2 hours ago, Wildcat24 said:

    For what it's worth, The University of Akron Zips mascot Zippy is female, as illustrated by her pouch. The school always refers to Zippy as "her" and "she", it isn't something that just came on the costume and no one knows the difference.





    But a "Zip" isn't a term used to describe a female kangaroo....or female human.


    Stallion is used to describe a male human and is being used to brand an entire student body.


    I think most people would draw a kangaroo with a pouch without thinking about the gender of the kangaroo.