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  1. LOL. If you don't know who's playing, that's your fault. The score bug, front of jerseys, announcers, etc say team names plenty. Come on man. Grey or black or whatever other color jerseys aren't keeping you from knowing what team is playing.
  2. The court is kind of boring in all honesty. Not bad tho. Loving the throwbacks.
  3. Yeah that would probably suck. Luckily they didn't wear white in game 2. ?
  4. Good riddance. No mercy for ridiculous, racist remarks and ideas. ???

  5. Waste of a throwback IMO.
  6. hE's JuSt a SyStEm pLaYeR

  7. If Mitch lets me run the Hornets on draft night, we will 110% pick Rachel at #11.

  8. Shoving someone in the back not a F2? Accidentally hitting someone in the head during a basketball play is = a shove in the back now? Ok.

  9. a view. @KnightsBaseball

  10. @robdyrdek #RIPBigBlack