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  1. Love what you've managed to do with these identities. My only suggestion would be to change the color of the year in the Longueuil badge; the green gets lost in that lighter blue.
  2. This may be immaterial if you are moving the team to Jacksonville, but I don't think the inline of the C is adding much when it doesn't appear anywhere else in the branding. Filling it black, in my opinion, doesn't really throw off the color balance and creates a stronger C
  3. Really excited about this! Your first basketball league helped me find these boards in the first place. Don't forget to update Houston's logo changes on the uniform package as well
  4. I would use the white W logo you have on the helmet. The one you are using now gets very lost. The update to the BC logo is better, but I would be aware of the stalking lion's placement. With where the B is, it kind of looks like there's a notch cut out of his butt.
  5. Or even just changing the EE to white so the logo isn't as compartmentalized with its colors! BC's jerseys give me a real late 00's Oregon State vibe (not necessarily a bad thing). I agree that the raised/lowered numbers is an interesting idea, but not something that should exist in real life. For the logos, I would like to see more consistency in the line widths. You've got really thick lines on the head-only logo and really thin ones on the full body. It might make sense to find a happy medium for those.
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