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  1. Brothers doesn't seem like an era appropriate font, and it doesn't match well with the font in the paw.
  2. That Chicoutimi logo is fantastic. You have really good clean looks all around that deserve a lot more buzz!
  3. The Indiana state flag doesn't have red in it; the Indianapolis city flag does. I appreciate the different take on the Colts; much better than seeing basically the same concept over and over again
  4. How does Concept A look with black sleeve caps on the away? The yellow stripe is getting lost on the white background
  5. So what is this league for exactly? Premier League? Champions League? Euro 2020?
  6. Love the name change, but I'm not really sure about its execution. The inline C and the art deco guardian head don't exactly mesh with the cursive marks.
  7. Love the messy look of the Buffalo scripts. Looks so vintage! I'll hop on the bandwagon and fire off some other Atlanta names to consider as well (pun intended): Governors (capital, keeps political theme) Goobers (peanuts being a prominent crop) Brakemen (trains) Generals (as in the train named General. The great train robbery occurred near Atlanta with that particular train)
  8. Does the primary logo need to contain the name and location of the team as it does in the current NBA?
  9. Is "Free Watts" the only text that can appear on the logo?
  10. Uh, gee, thanks everybody; I didn't think I was going to hold on at the end! I'm truly honored and proud to have this medal bestowed upon me. NOW KNEEL BEFORE YOUR GOD BABYLON
  11. Are the locations you listed the names we must use? For example, we have to use Carolina not Charlotte and Indianapolis not Indiana, correct?
  12. Doing that hat actually took up about half of my time on this event, so I'm glad it paid dividends. I really liked that you went for the powder blue away, and I think you worked with their colors much more effectively than I did!
  13. Not sure how well the blocky number font fits with the curved logo and wordmark. I also think the white helmet throws off the color balance with just the line on the pants. The crimson helmet you are using for the alternate is probably a better option, although I would understand if you thought that was too close to the USC look. Alternate is a lot of fun, though, and the uniform itself is nice and simple.
  14. What level of baseball are we talking here, Minor league or Major League? Kind of makes a difference as to how "out there" the Sunday alt will be.
  15. Looks great! My only suggestion would be to flip the logo on the helmet so the lance is facing forward
  16. You uploaded the logo slick twice instead of the home and away uniforms. Also, if you're going for a patriotic theme, I think it's a mistake to not use the checkered pattern everyone associates with Croatia, even if it's just on the alternate (although I can't really tell what your home and away uniforms look like yet)
  17. Very competent. I'll miss the creepy mustache guy, but I'll live.
  18. Bucharest ought to have more angular numbers to match the script. I too agree the jerseys are a little bit plain, but that might be okay because the color scheme is bold enough to stand on its own.
  19. A little strange to see that the two capital R's are different. I understand one of them is built from the descender of the Y, but shouldn't the other be that way too?
  20. The block numbers tend to clash with the more modern wordmarks, and the gold on the Olympic alternate is too dark. Pretty good though, and I look forward to seeing the rest of the league.