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  1. Not new concepts per se, but I wanted to provide some close-ups of the logos I redesigned for this: NEW YORK JETS BALTIMORE RAVENS LAS VEGAS RAIDERS TENNESSEE TITANS PITTSBURGH STEELERS SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS KANSAS CITY CHIEFS Enjoy the Great Basin, and stay tuned for a Vikes concept I'm working on.
  2. Wrapping things up. Here's the rest of the NFC East. It's got old-timey throwbacks/fauxbacks, bro. Bro-backs. NEW YORK GIANTS Odell Beckham Jr. still played for the Giants. They won a championship in 1934. PHILADELPHIA EAGLES I almost went Tulane on these guys. 80's and 1948 (Championship year) inspired. Very inspired. WASHINGTON AMERICANS Note name change. Didn't make a new logo. Stripes are a mess but that's what this franchise deserves. '02 faxubacks with late 40's/early 50's numerals. Throwback is similar to what they do now. I'm done.
  3. The current 49ers logo is trash. This represents a clean-up of that. S i m p l i c i t y. LOS ANGELES CHARGERS Chargers stole my thunder a little bit with their tweak this summer. Still not happy with this one, but I'm not happy with a lot of things, so I'll just deal with it. I saw the sock stripe idea at some point on these boards, so credit to that person. NEW ORLEANS SAINTS Brass. Like this and this.
  4. Go west, young man, go west. LOS ANGELES RAMS SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS SEATTLE SEAHAWKS Doug Baldwin still played football when I made these. If you want to know the inspirations behind the design elements that are slightly unconventional, let me know, and I'll probably just ignore your message as I drunkenly skip toward the end of this league.
  5. Nothing else I have (which I have had done for eight-plus months) is particularly interesting or creative. Let's look at some of these. GREEN BAY PACKERS INDIANAPOLIS COLTS JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS Yawn.
  6. More teams. TENNESSEE TITANS Embracing the light blue. Taking an idea from the Grizzlies and using shades of blue more evocative of the Great Smoky Mountains. Crimson replaces red, as I think it gives a little more pop. Simplified logo, sans the thumbtack. Greek-style pattern that doubles as T's. Less ridiculous font.
  7. Finishing up the AFC East like a competent person. NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS Removed unnecessary piping and shoulder stripes. New stripes based off of logo and hearken back to their shoulder stripes of yesteryear. Pants stripe from the mid-90's. Alternate honors their uniform heritage without going full redcoat. This is the uncontroversial version. I also made a more controversial one, replacing the silver with a more canvas/buff color to look more like the Continental Army. Battle re-enacters, rejoice. MIAMI DOLPHINS I hold the vastly unpopular opinion that their throwbacks are overrated, so I resisted going that route. I opted instead for tequila sunrise-style striping throughout. Thinking Miami sunset on the beach or something like that, I don't remember. Ryan Tannehill is on the jerseys and he isn't even on the Dolphins anymore, so that tells you how long ago I made these.
  8. I'm back. I would say I've been busy, which is true, but all of the teams were done already so all I had to do was post them. Here's some: DENVER BRONCOS Orange Crush-era colors. Modernization of the 60's jersey. New font. Alternate more modern and uses the infamous stripes from the brown and yellow days as a shoulder yoke and side stripes. KANSAS CITY CHIEFS Mostly classic look with some new updates. Stripes truncate to mimic the Missouri/Kansas border where the city lies. New logo. New font. Nag me to put these on here so they can be seen and floating in some nameless folder on Imgur, hidden from the world. Like. Comment.
  9. Man, that's a great look. Technically it is Windom Area, as they are combined with Jackson County Central for hockey.
  10. As someone from the area, I just thought I'd say that Fairmont historically hasn't been in the same conference as Luverne and Redwood. Their two conferences merged about 5 years ago, so that accounts in some part for the three Cardinals in the conference. Your redesigns have been consistently great throughout, and I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with for the teams from the part of the state where hockey plays third fiddle to wrestling and basketball!
  11. Double dipping on this Memorial Day to take the AFC North to Helsinki (I'm going to Finnish it). CLEVELAND BROWNS Perennial doormat-turned-Super Bowl contender turns the dial back to the earlier, more successful days of their franchise, a franchise lineage that totally exists and wasn't at all manufactured when the Baltimore Ravens came into being. Another team, another new font. Looks a little old-school but still modern. PITTSBURGH STEELERS I went a little out there for this team, and this will no doubt rankle some more traditionally-minded folks. Their jersey striping has become increasingly difficult to fit into a modern-day football uniform, so I got rid of it. Replacing it are elongated hypocycloids from their logo, a nice homage to that logo as I replace that with a simpler, bolder P logo. Stronger font (Futura is left in the past), stronger and bolder stripes on the pants and helmet, and a black pattern that looks...stronger. Steel City. Batman-inspired alternate/fauxback. I actually have everything done; I just need to upload it. Make me do that.
  12. Happy May Day everyone! I'm going to make some tweaks to the Bears and put those up at some point. The helmet logo is too big and off-center and will bother me to my grave if it goes unfixed. In the meantime, I'll toss some red meat to all the folks out there. CINCINNATI BENGALS Their current uniforms have a lot going on, so my main goal was to pare things down and simplify it a little more. Simpler block numbers. Side panels and yokes are gone. Shoulder caps match the rest of the jersey and have consistently black tiger stripes. The away is a take on their color rush uniform, which is the best of their current set, with orange numbers to play up the orange more. And last but not least we have another fauxback with tiger stripes on the shoulders. Not sure where I'm going to go next. Don't really want to do Cleveland or Denver which are next alphabetically because I don't want to do so many orange teams in a row. C&C appreciated as always.
  13. That's a good point. He could also use the jagged pattern on the horns, like the Rams did in the past.
  14. CHICAGO BEARS Another simple adjustment. I much prefer this version of striping consistency to what they do now on their stripes. Slightly different font. Alternate is a fauxback, combination-of-eras sort of thing. Cincinnati coming up next, or whoever you want. I don't care.
  15. I'm giving this a bump because in a fit of incompetence, I didn't update the title. I also forgot my sister's birthday.
  16. Am back. As promised, an NFC East team. DALLAS COWBOYS One shade of blue. One shade of silver. New font, as the regular block is dull and the Staubach-era font is a little thin for my liking. Yes, it's the Nationals font. Shut up. Thanksgiving throwbacks are thrown back, unfortunately in keeping with NFL's dumb one helmet rule. I promise I'll try to upload stuff more regularly before inevitably failing to do so and falling off the face of the earth.
  17. General notes: 1) The CAA logo on the sleeves needs to be fixed. I don't know which program you're using, but it shouldn't be too difficult to make it sure it doesn't go over the edge of the uniform. 2) The uniforms as a whole could stand to have more variation. Every team doesn't need a pinstriped jersey, a pinwheel-style hat (I know not every team has one, but it's pretty disproportionate), and the same template of logo on the left side and a numeral on the right. Switch it up a little. 3) Make sure your NOB's are rotated enough that their bottoms are level. 4) Most teams don't have stirrups and a colored sock. Usually the bottom sock is just white. Team-specific notes: 1) C of C and Elon need to be further distinguished from one another. C of C uses more white in their logo, so maybe make their numbers white instead of gold? Give one of the teams pinstripes and the other not? The Elon logo on the jersey should also be a different color, probably gold, as this current iteration makes it nearly invisible. 2) This is a bit of a personal gripe, but I believe the color hierarchies on Delaware and Hofstra ought to be switched so that Delaware has the yellow numbers and Hofstra goes white. I find that to be more inline with their current brandings.
  18. Another thing I did. Hadn't posted an AFC South squad yet, so I thought I would do just that. NFC East will be next, and they're all pretty boring. HOUSTON TEXANS Continuation of my liking flags, tossing them onto the sleeve caps, giving the team a new font, and calling it good. Red's the primary now. That's about it. Like, comment, subscribe so I'm not just doing this for myself. Especially comment.
  19. Fooled around and thought about combining black and silver for the Panthers to create an anthracite look for the Panthers. It looks a little washed out to me, but it is something to look at. Also moved to a white facemask to simulate a panther's teeth flashing white in the dark or some other brandspeak garbage. Now, from one team with black and silver to another. LAS VEGAS RAIDERS This week, we received the news that the Raiders would not be changing their timeless look during their timeless relocation to Las Vegas. I did stay relatively true to that, but I thought a new, bolder logo would be more befitting of a team in Vegas. I also gave them a black facemask and black pants for their white and silver alternates. So there's the Raiders. Something restrained but refreshed for their new haunts. I'm going to do a different team after this.
  20. You should 100% keep the name of the series the same. It's perfect. Like Sparky said, the striping is pretty busy.
  21. Thanks! Always a big fan of your work. For Buffalo, I did intend for it to just be on the front. And now... CAROLINA PANTHERS This one is a redesign more inline with something you've probably seen on these boards before. It's more like my Falcons or Lions concepts compared to my work with the Vikings or Bills. What I did: -Removal of extraneous silver -Black helmet gives impression of panther lurking in shadows, ready to strike or some crap like that -Bolder font. Panthers are modern enough to get away with an italicized font (which I don't like in most football concepts) -Pants stripe drawn from helmet stripe -That's pretty much it Who should I do next? OR should I not do any team next, using my time instead to learn how to play the trombone, speak Irish, and train for a half marathon? Let me know!
  22. Hi, everybody. Did you miss me? After about a week of moving and getting that blessed Wi-Fi set up, I'm back in the saddle again. I tried the outline thing with the Bucs helmet and just couldn't make it work. So I'm pretty satisfied with what I have there now, and, in the words of John Fogerty, I'll shuffle off to Buffalo! BUFFALO BILLS Like the Vikings, Buffalo's redesign went pretty well, returning to an old-school look, and like the Vikings, I decided to go out of the box for this concept. In looking for a design element around which I could build an identity for the Bills, I centered on the bold red stripe which runs through their logo. It's strong and can evoke power, ferocity, and speed all in one. For that reason, I gave the Bills uniform a treatment similar to the Northwestern football team, running that red stripe right through the jersey and utilizing wide red stripes on the pants, helmet, and sox. Their alternate is their AFL throwback, which is just too nice to mothball. Overall, the hope is that this new uniform direction strikes a balance between tradition and modernity while making their opponents...see red (someone come murder me) I went there. And you didn't. Carolina probably coming up next. Like, comment, subscribe, Venmo me.
  23. Something along these lines? I'm giving it a go. The ship logo does have a lot of small details in it that make it pretty tough to be rendered monochromatically, though. Do other people think that the numbers are too far apart?
  24. Sure, I'll put up the Bucs next. Regarding the colors of the Nordic knots, while there are three different colors on the home, I think it does look best that way as it keeps all three colors in each third of the uniform and doesn't let gold and white touch. The gold pants can also be worn with every jersey, by the way. Now, onto the Bucs! TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS Their previous uniforms, with some modifications: Inspired by ghost ships, I wanted the Bucs identity to be spooky, dark, and mysterious. The towering pirate ship on the pewter helmet is meant to be like a ghost ship coming out of the fog. The alternate should provide that same sense with a unique light pewter jersey. Colors are garnet, pewter, and their current shade of dark brown. A pointier font and a sword stripe that inject the identity with some of that ol' swashbucklin' spirit.
  25. Editing to put this on Page 2 and because for some reason the away jersey didn't have a TV number on one side (that was not some conscious new-age decision) As I mentioned, my real-life changes to the Vikings would be very minimal; this is more fun and, I think, still looks good. I'm more than happy as a Minnesotan to rankle the traditional views of the Olsons and Hansons who get mad when you don't bring a Jello salad to the Lutheran church potluck.