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  1. On 1/4/2017 at 4:24 PM, WideRight said:

    Just go with "Horsies" or "Pretty ponies" and be done with it.  I am just amazed a new school in Kentucky is being named after Frederick Douglass and not that scary anti-gay lady from the county clerk's office.  And if you are going to name the school after Frederick Douglass why not pick a cool nickname that relates to him?  Stallions is a bit lame on that front.


    FDHS Abolitionists or FDHS Freedom, something relevant.


    So in your mind, all girls must want to be pretty ponies or "horsies"? Maybe they don't want their team, which is equally as important as the boys team(s), to be represented by a male mascot. 


    If a school names their team the "Penises" should women just accept it? I mean essentially thats the same thing as giving a gender to your school mascot. You're representing a single gender which subsequently belittles the other gender. 


    Stallions: We also let the girls play.

  2. On 1/4/2017 at 0:37 PM, David R said:

    The dream of a graphic designer is to create meaningful designs that communicate on a visual, intellectual and emotional level. It is the joy of being creative and having someone pay you to do it. But the reality of that dream is that it often comes with the heavy price of the creative soul. There are endless meetings, client revisions, committee-mandated direction, project managers who are frustrated art directors, long hours and often little recognition. These are the daily and universal struggles of a graphic designer and this is my loving tribute to those in the design trenches. May the creative concept never be forgotten and the good fight always is fought.


    I disagree that you have to sell your creative soul to be a designer. The greatest creativity comes from situations where you find solutions that solve your clients' problems in a unique and exciting way.


    It's your job to present ideas in a convincing way. Your idea isn't always going to be the best one or the chosen one. Sometimes you have to work to make someones else's ideas develop. 


    There are some bad creative/art directors and some great ones. But the most important thing is developing the best direction for the client.

  3. I like the 3/4 version more, mostly because it has more character and personality than the side view. 


    You need to clean up the curves in many places on both versions. 


    I highlighted some areas of concern for you below. 


    The red areas are awkward curves. The beak is way too straight and long in the highlighted area. You'll notice in this area and the top of the head that the curves change and need to be manually reworked (it looks like this is a stroke issue). The other red dot to the left of the beak has a point that's not needed. I'd recommend a single curve until you reach the point between the beak and point Im referring to. Maybe the second curve under the beak could be a bit bolder as well. Might not be needed tho.


    The blue spaces are just areas I recommend cleaning up. The nostril has a weird shape that strays from the style of the rest of the features in my opinion. The curve under the eye could be exaggerated more or turned into a single point as opposed to the 2 points you currently have.


    The shadow above the eye is too thin in my opinion, as is the curve to the left of the beak.


    The back curve (again highlighted blue) seems to be slightly awkward in the highlighted area.


    And the bottom point is actually experiencing the same problem as the beak/back of head stroke I mentioned.




    Also, above I illustrated ways you could improve the curves if my words weren't super clear. Hard to explain these sort of things w/o examples haha


    The top example is just showing in general what I mean by a thin curves and then to the right is how you could improve it. The left version is similar to what you have above the beak currently. Thin curves could get lost when the logo is shrunk down.


    The bottom example is specifically for the area under the eye. 

  4. Theres nothing wrong with gradients. With as progressive as technology is today, gradients will be seen much more often in identity packages. We stare at screens all day so we don't have the constraints of print. 


    With that said, I don't think the gradient is even part of their logo, but rather just something they used as a background for the logo.


    The gradient is actually a much more unique way to approach colors than your ideas. 


    The script is much happier, positive and uplifting than the sans-serif you chose. I think you could achieve the same feelings with a SS for sure, but right now it's extremely generic and doesn't reflect the energy they're attempting to represent.


    I don't mind the shift to sentence case for the secondary text, but paired with sentence case in "Out" creates a weird visual imbalance. The all caps in the current logo balances better with the "out" script.


    Keep working!

  5. You should work on presenting your concepts differently. The background is too busy to focus on your work.


    But I think the primary logo is fine. I don't think the underlines are really needed anymore.


    Both dog logos aren't bad. I think they could use some more fine tuning. The back legs on the full body logo seem off to me. Maybe some more detail on the left leg as seen in the reference image you posted above?


    I actually agree that the dog appears somewhat cat like. Maybe try experimenting with a rounder eye shape. Something more similar to the old logo. Also, maybe a visible tongue could help it appear more like a dog? You don't see many cats with a tongue wagging haha

  6. 5 hours ago, laurencemike said:

      I I am a student of arts and I want to start my career as a designer. Can you suggest me some good tools which I need to master before I enter my career. I haven’t decided which field I would be working for, but I don’t want to restrict myself to one domain only. I know that designers use different software for different industries. For example, if I have to make a custom logo design, I need to learn logo maker, adobe illustrator, logo smartz etc. But what if I have to make a banner? I can’t use the same software’s right. So can you guys list me some essential software which can help me irrespective of the industry I choose.


    I've never heard of "Logo Maker" or "Logo Smartz". Just forget those all together. 


    Logos are done on Adobe Illustrator because they need to be in vector format. This allows logos to scale without losing quality.


    Making a banner for a website could be done on Illustrator as well but Photoshop is your go-to program for that. InDesign is also used creating print ads/banners/PDF docs/books/etc. in addition to other things.


    If you're just starting out, I'd focus on Illustrator and Photoshop. But remember that design isn't about learning a program...programs change all the time. Learn what makes a good brand or banner or whatever you're trying to design. 


    You should worry about being restricted as a designer. You don't really need to choose a "field" because design itself is the field. You may be working on a logo for a team in addition to a website for a bank on the same day.



  7. Yeah I'd agree that there are too many spikes/edges in general. Also don't think the darker red shadow is needed. You could probably execute the highlight on the beak better as well.


    The eyes look sort of cross eyed so maybe theres a way to rethink the shapes and change that. I get why you have it like you do, but maybe it needs to be finessed a bit more.

  8. 1 minute ago, Bruins said:



    This is less about execution and more about a mangy logo that did exist, for quite some time actually. I do agree there is a smidgen of ugly cool here, but it is still butt ugly in its current form


    It's ugly but as you said there's still the ugly cool factor. The buffaslug, for example, is ugly and un-cool.

  9. 2 hours ago, ~Bear said:

    This is nightmare fuel:




    This one is weird but kinda cool in a vintage type of way. They could make a killing by bringing this back and selling fauxback shirts and jackets with embroidered patches and whatnot with this logo imo. I could see an entire direction built off this that would become "cool".

  10. 8 hours ago, joshey said:

    I've been extremely hard on Adidas the past few years, and it was justified. BUT, they are leaving us with a gem. Specifically my team, the NETS. We looked amazing in our new black(ish) Nets jersey in our WIN over the Pacers. Simply beautiful. These need to become our primary aways ASAP. Far and away our best jersey.




    Agreed. LOVE these. They look great on TV too.

  11. I like the Cavs black uniforms alot and I don't really have a problem with the court. Although, I think their white, gold, and wine uniforms are some of my favs in the league. 


    The black (or navy) could look really cool but I'm not a fan of the outlined text and some of the other graphic choices on the court. 

  12. On August 9, 2016 at 5:03 PM, R3G said:




    Thanks for the C&C. I changed it a bit to make it look like a P and take away the white space



    PG logo v2.png


    This is working better. The general idea can probably turn out nicely but I don't think the letters themselves are very appealing right now. 

  13. It look me a while to understand that it was P-G (even tho I knew it was a Paul George logo). The P is recognizable but my mind wants to make something of the added positive shape below P rather than the negative shape that makes the G.


    Your curves and edges seem to be contrasting weirdly as well. You need some fine tuning on the small details. 

  14. 22 hours ago, Thomas said:

    people on Facebook might get over it, but we here on this forum will not. That is the whole point of us signing up for this place, our love of sports and sports uniforms. And when someone pisses on our passion, we have every right to be upset and angry.


    I get that. You can be angry...but I also have the right to say it's not that big of a deal.


    21 hours ago, BringBackTheVet said:


    You might.  I don't - or at least I don't wear conflicting logos.  My workout shirts have a UA logo or swoosh on them - so yeah, I voluntarily wear those - but the logo isn't infringing on another logo that's the focal point of the shirt.


    As for the Ralph Lauren logo - it looks absurd on polo shirts - it's an ad, but we've been so conditioned for so long to expect some design there, so most people don't even realize that they're a billboard for a private company.  I've never seen it on a dress shirt, but that would be even more ridiculous, because you'd have to go way out of your way to find a dress shirt that had that logo, since literally 99.9% of them don't have any logo.


    When I'm dressed for work, the brand I'm representing is my own.  I'm me.  My clothes are a part of my personal brand.  Until I'm famous enough for Ralph Lauren to pay me to endorse his shirts and wear the logo, you won't see it on my body.  That's for real.



    I actually don't wear logos that often but society as a whole does. Whether or not one logo is interfering with another is besides the're still wearing a logo.


    20 hours ago, joey joe joe jr. shabadoo said:


    Nope. They crossed my red line.


    To me they are sacred, and I hope the uprising is loud and angry. Maybe it will be, maybe it wont be...but the NHL/MLB/NFL will no longer be getting a penny from me if the follow suit.


    I dont have a dog in the fight regarding the NBA, let them continue to be a laughingstock...but they cannot let this drech spread. The NFL is already dangerously close to really upsetting its fan base with its petty uniform games and gimmicks. I think they're ok, but if you think Steeler nation or Eagles or Jets fans will tolerate a playtex patch on those uniforms you are sadly mistaken.


    Fine, don't even think about sports ever again. Don't watch, read or associate with it at all. Maybe the ads will stick around and maybe the won't. Regardless, the players will keep on playing and sports will continue to grow. 

  15. 12 hours ago, jaha32 said:



    I'm going to give this a four-day bump because it's an interesting conversation especially considering how some of the newer NBA logos have gone away from this type of design towards overly simple designs (Raptors). I don't think this is necessarily an argument against all detail, but against detail that could be executed more carefully.


    Not to turn this into an attack on this logo individually, because there are plenty of worse concepts out there and this particular concept is close to being solid, but it is a good example of what happens when someone slaps one image (the wolf) on top of another (the ball) and doesn't bother to make sure all the pieces flow smoothly into each other. It is full of close tension points and unnecessary gaps creating numerous slivers of shapes. Bringing up the new Hornets logo, if you were to dissect the vector layering of the Hornets logo and this T-Wolves concept, the Hornets logo has 1/2 the shapes making it easy on the eyes. Of course art is subjective and one has the right to like or dislike a certain style, but the fact that this has more tension points, nodes, and gaps in spacing than the Hornets logo is objective.


    Timberwolves Concept Critique.png




    5 hours ago, McCarthy said:

    absolutely and of course. I agree 100%, but people were discussing this like this type of logo was no longer viable and I don't think that's true. I'd take a cleaned up version of this over whatever the hell the Raptors logo is trying to do. 


    If it were me I'd lose the ball (You can barely tell it's basketball and does the NBA have a rule that all new logos must include a basketball? What is the NBA's obsession with putting a ball in their logos?) and if I must keep the ball then I'd lose the white outline around the wolf and trees. That white outline creates most of the issues highlighted above. Also, I'd cut down one of the trees on the left and I'd enlarge the head.


    Yeah like McCarthy said, I was more referring to the idea that this style is no longer usable in today's league. There are definitely areas in this logo that would have to be cleaned up but the general idea isn't super busy. I might make the ball one color in addition to making the adjustments you pointed out.


    I actually prefer what the Raptors have done but I have no problem with this style if it's done well.