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  1. Couldn't be more happy to see this series back up and running!
  2. Also not a huge fan of the face. I think Tejanos would work better as well, as @rjrrzube mentioned. The colour scheme is fun though.
  3. Agreed with coco1997 on the cluttering. In the past I've used paint.net but it's not very "high tech" per se. It worked for what I needed it to, but I'm not sure about you. It is free, though.
  4. Being a Canucks fan, let's see that Canucks-Steelheads match up! Awesome work on Seattle.
  5. Liberty looks fantastic. One thing I noticed is that the crest on the hockey jerseys is really big. Other than that, very nice job!
  6. That Army-Navy game might be the best part of this series so far. Beautifully designed, and very well thought up!
  7. Nice to have you back man! I like Florida, and I'm glad you decided to bring the leaping panther back. In my opinion, the new updated version is the best logo they've ever had, and I really hope it's brought back for an alternate. The shoulders on the away jersey are very very nice.
  8. Fantastic work on Minnesota. It's a very clean look and the absence of red doesn't take away from it at all. Let's see Arizona next.
  9. That's a completely fair assessment. I figured it'd be difficult to desecrate a team with such a small uniform history to build off of. You should definitely do Minnesota next as @chcarlson23 suggested
  10. This is fantastic. I'd love to see the Canucks do something like this. And it's about time we had a green uniform. There's always next year. How about the Golden Knights next? I'm curious what you'll do with a team that's only had one uniform set in franchise history.
  11. Love that alternate and even though it's meant to desecrate, that set would be a massive improvement over anything they've worn since their original jerseys. Great work. I'd like to see the Canucks next (for obvious reasons haha)
  12. I really like Toronto's. It's a classic looking design, but it fits their jersey history quite well.
  13. That looks unbelievable. I'd probably end up purchasing that home jersey. Awesome work.
  14. I really like the Islanders. The striping works really well.
  15. Really like the Sabres here. If we're really going for desecration, I'd be curious to see the standalone buffalo on the home and away. It'd be quite the change
  16. I do like the Giants set. I'm curious to see what it'd look like if cream was replaced staright up by white. I think it'd make the set pop and make it look a lot sharper.
  17. Very much agreed, especially with the alternate history concept. There's tons of those from the NHL.
  18. Props on the Diamondbacks wordmark it looks great. And that current day colours set is amazing. Hard to choose which one I like better
  19. Now that is an amazing Dbacks thread. As much as I adore their current colours, this is amazing. I'm glad you scrapped the tan jersey. May I suggest scrapping the "DBacks" wordmark by maybe creating an actual "Diamondbacks" wordmark? Us Arizona fans hate the "Dbacks" wordmark. It's absolutely hideous.
  20. As a Dbacks fan, I much prefer the current colours with the added turquoise. Great combination of the eras. I have to say though, not a fan of the sand uniform. I know you're going out of the box, but it just doesn't work for me.
  21. Can't wait for my favourite team next!
  22. I love the M's with the lighter grey. It really helps the teals to pop
  23. Great to see some updates from you. Any plans for an upcoming project?
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