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  1. The Patriots have never worn them either. Oh okay, I guess you really don't notice unless it's your team.
  2. Is the color mis-match here between the pants and jersey due to materials? It bugs me. Yea, you could tell on TV. The pants almost have a metallic finish which makes them appear really shiny, yet the jersey is flat and matted.
  3. I noticed the Jets don't wear the 'C' patch on their uniforms. I'm pretty sure they did last year, but I could be wrong. I know for a fact that definitely wore them in 08 and before. Anyone know if their the only team? Everyone else seems to have it...
  4. did i wake up in the 1980's?
  5. I don't mean to offend anyone, but those Jaguar dots are giving off a real gay vibe
  6. I've got PS2, so I'm curious are the uniform options any different on 360? The one's on PS2 really need to be expanded...they're getting pretty boring
  7. How did you make that uniform in Madden? I have PS2 and the options are pretty limited. Is it different for 360?
  8. I'm a die-hard Jets fan and I gotta say those look real good. I have 2 issues though...First one is you can't mix their old "Jets" font with the new "NY" font. I'd change the Jets across the chest to the newer font. Second issue is the side stripes don't match eachother on the alternate combos. The green jersey has the green stripe and black outline while the green pants have a white strip and black outline. I think you should have one side strip color regardless of whether it contrasts with the pants or not, just so you can be more flexible with the combos. For instance make all of them have a green side stripe with black outline. This way the green pants still have a visible stripe...or even make the outline white so it stands out on the green pants and green jersey. Just some suggestions...all in all I think you did a real good job.