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  1. Really nice series. Well done. It's a shame more people weren't able to see this, but I really enjoyed it.
  2. Maybe try a shield similar to the US crest, more squared off at the top. VPS looks really good, only suggestion would be to change the number on the clash kit shorts to white.
  3. Really like the SJK kits, however I would go with a shield design for the crest instead of a rectangle.
  4. ^ I'm pretty sure it's silver/grey, because it is darker than the Adidas logo and letters, where on other teasers the white on the yoke outline is the same shade as the white on the letters and Adidas logo.
  5. Both kits look really good, however I would make the sponsor smaller as it stretches across the front a little to much. I would also like to see the colors divided diagonally across the front, probably without the white sash, but that's up to you. As for the crest, I'd like to see a crown on top, everything else looks good.
  6. Try making the background of the sponser gold and the words either red or blue.
  7. Just found this and I'm really liking it. As for C&C I'll start for the beginning. HIFK: Both kits look good, only suggestions would be to change the sponsor on the home kit to white on a red background, and i would go back to white shorts at home. HJK: Everything looks really good, however I would remove the sublimated stars on the clash. IFK: Home kit looks really good, as for the clash I would change the sleeves from white to green, and maybe do the same to the socks. FC Lahti: For the crest, I would add the mermaid and the lion and make it bigger on the jerseys. As for the kits, the home looks fantastic, but the color balancing om the clash feels off, but I'm not exactly sure how to fix it. Maybe switch the garnet and black on the jersey and add a black stripe on the shorts and change the socks to white. Illves: Everything looks good, but I might remove the striping form the back of the clash kit. Inter Turku: I like everthing. I'd try seeing how red strips down the side of the home kit and blue stripes down the side of the clash kit looks, but what you have now is good. JJK: This may be my favorite so far. Only suggestion would be to move the gradient down some on the clash. KuPS: Male the numbers not nearly as long. And maybe carry the gradient from the home kit over to the chest stripe and shorts of the clash. The are just some suggestions. Everything looks really good and I'm loving it so far. Looking forward to more. Keep up the good work!
  8. Riga finally did it, after many years of struggles! Just waiting for STL to finally win, or at least make it out of the first round. (Hmm... Seems a lot like the NHL team)
  9. Charlotte looks very sharp. It gives off an LA Kings vibe, 80's jerseys with a more modern color scheme. Also, I would put St. Louis in the West and Chicago in the East. Then, maybe, swap Portland and Sakatoon. If you want to keep Canadian teams together, possibly, swap Chicago with Winnipeg instead, the switch Winnipeg and Seattle. Just something to consider, but at the very least switch STL and Chicago.
  10. Imo, the Batman v1 helmet needs a glossy finish, but other than that these look really good.
  11. Love the Nordiques logo and jerseys. I really like that shade of blue. As for another expansion team, my suggestion is the Houston Aeros.
  12. That looks stellar. The striping really evokes the feel of a speeding bullet. I also love how you made the bullet in the logo apear to be shiny.
  13. That logo is great, it looks like a tiger yet it doesn't. I feel like the jerseys need since sort of hem striping. Maybe similar to the bottom of the Coyotes new jerseys, just a thin stripe at the very bottom.
  14. The sides of the "M" in Portland's logo have the appearance that they slant inward. I think that of you have them slant out a little it will fix that. Other than that the logo looks really good. I agree with jmoe12 about the hair looking feminine the sasquatch.
  15. From what i can see there doesn't seem to be a need to bash or insult you. The logos look really sharp and very clean. I'm excited about all of these, but probably most excited about the Sasquatch.
  16. The entire 1965 tournament looks great. I think the US's vest look is their best so far. I like Canada's old logo better, but i understand the reason for the change. Fantastic job so far.
  17. I love this, a great history and great uniforms. It has started great and I expect that this will be great.
  18. The traditional jersey looks really good, but i think the non-traditional looks better with the identity.
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