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  1. I don't think the perspective of the arm or sword is off at all. Seems like it's being held directly over his head. I really like the direction this is going in. It has just the right amount of detail for what is basically a full figure logo without being to simple of overwhelmingly detailed. The one thing I'd like to see is what the mark would look like without the oval. It would help eliminate a lot of un-needed white space in the logo. Totally agree.
  2. How about replacing the sword with a hockey stick?
  3. Latest version of my Padres "Swinging Friar" primary logo, a new secondary logo and the updated initials "SD" logo – all in sea blue, sunflower yellow and black.
  4. Thank you. Although I don't expect any (professional) sports team to get inspired by fan concepts in general – no matter how great or bad they are. But that try is for free, so why not...
  5. I've even been having that version on my computer but didn't upload it yet. Is that what you mean?
  6. When moving the "S" up, some forum users mistakenly read "STD". This was my original design for the SD initial logo (which I still like better):
  7. They all look absolutely gorgeous. Clean and crisp as it should be. And I'm already a fan of the red alternate uni. Good job!
  8. @wonderbread: You tend to criticize people a lot for what they did or missed to do. But you almost always miss to deliver your own ideas, suggestions, how to improve the design in your view. By the way: It's not what you say, but how you say it.
  9. An overhauled version of the San Diego Padres initials logo using sea blue and sunflower yellow.
  10. We now got three different versions of my primary logo. Version 1: Sea blue, sunflower yellow and black Version 2: Brown, orange and sand Version 3: Powder blue, brown and sand Which one do you like the most? Any further suggestions what colors to use for this San Diego Padres logo redesign?
  11. The same primary logo now in powder blue, sand and brown, as @TCRagnar has suggested yesterday. I reduced yellow a little bit in the sand shade in order to blend in better with brown.
  12. I'd say the sleeve patch could barely work on the home unis because the patch itself contains a lot of white as well as the uniform itself. But I think it won't work on the gray road unis. Simply because the patches would not really blend in with the rest of the uniform. The patches would rather strike too much and would distract from the rest of the uniform.
  13. Sure. I already toyed with the idea myself. Just thinking if any team – including the Padres themselves – would ever go back to a 60s/70s color scheme after they've changed their colors from brown and yellow/orange to navy blue and orange in order to modernize their look – all tradition aside. I doubt that pretty much. Nowadays brown and yellow or orange is truly an absolute borderline color combo – if not a no-go – when it's about sports uniforms (except the Cleveland Browns). Anyway, let's see how it will look. Uniforms will follow, too. Just don't know when because I don't really have the time to focus on this for hours.
  14. Thank you! Btw, I haven't forgotten the "SD" initials issue that you brought up. Just figuring out the best way to incorporate readability and design.