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  1. Nicely Done! I really love full alphabets with the fonts. I think the curve on the Y + S etc. could be a little bit thicker but overall looks great.
  2. Hi everybody. I've been slowly working on a rebrand lately of one of my favourite young new franchises at the moment, the timberwolves. I think its finally at a stage to present at least v1 so let me know what works and what should be improved. The main ideas were to make it clean and minimal and a bit more modern than the marks they have now, although I thought of redoing the sort of cool wordmarks they have now I chose to modify a font to create a custom lettering system for this. The colours and jersey follow the bucks a little bit in trying to be more minimal and I thought it was a good direction considering the colour scheme, and maybe using the grey a bit more than they currently do considering its the main association with wolves. Also I focused on a bit more of a geometric look for the primary as I found it hard with the composition of the first wolf I made. I also think I might do a media guide or something with this current branding. Cheers let me know what you think
  3. I agree with the guys above. Imo it looks better seperated because you can tell what it represents better. A lot of the time it might be used seperate from the text as well, and I think it might look better if the height was the same for both the logo and the wordmark, or centered above or below it. It depends where it's used I guess. You can always have variants of it. Also it might be interesting to see what it looks like without the stroke just using tints were it folds.
  4. Hey if anybody winds up with a spare invite they wanna give away I'd love to have one as well! I'm always checking Dribbble so it would be cool to actually be able to properly use it sometime. Heres my website
  5. Hey thanks for all the feedback. First of all it was made as part of a university assignment where I wasnt allowed to use an existing team, also using a different name helped me to create the whole identity from scratch anyway, so thats why I didnt use the Sonics. Anyway I think theres definitely a few inconsistencies, I still wasnt really sure what to change with the logos apart from a few minor tweaks to keep them more consistant. I also forgot to even post the away uni so Ive added that and changed the wordmarks as well as increased the yellow usage to move away from any celtics comparisons hopefully. @DenardJames I made it with illustrator
  6. I didnt make that obviously, I just took the photo there and only had one poster
  7. Hi everybody, Here's a concept I originally made for uni that I've tweaked minorly since then in terms of presentation. Basically the story is branding an expansion team in Seattle, using the idea of a new history for the franchise and mixing the Supersonics history with a new look. It's the first real concept Ive fully gone through with in terms of sport branding and I want to keep practicing. Theres a couple of things like season ticket packaging I didnt include because I didnt know how to present it as well. Anyway comments of any nature are appreciated. Cheers.
  8. I think its looking good, and agree with the comments made about the colour scheme, they all look alright to me but you can worry about it after. Definitely keep trying to make the relationship between the logo and your initials stronger I think it would look a lot better, at the moment its nice but then it could have more personality.
  9. The last two kits have been so nice. I grew to love Underarmours first Spurs kit last year. This is a shambles though. I understand paying tribute to Bill Nic but I dont think it does him justice. Not a fan of the yellow or any of the away kit.