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  1. nddurst

    Lions Concept

    Very unique take. I like the home concept best. I'm not a fan of blue pants though. I think it always looks best when the pants are the same color as the helmet on NFL road uniforms.
  2. nddurst

    Detroit Lions

    Bravo, sir. I'd be beyond happy if this is the direction the team took with the new uniform. I love your take on the away shoulder, leaving silver as the primary stripe.
  3. Wow...nice work! I was thinking about entering this contest as well, but I see I'll have some stiff competition. My only thoughts: 1) On the jersey, the blue numbers get kind of lost in the color...did you try white as the fill color? EDIT: Nevermind, I looked at the full-size image and I think the numbers are okay. 2) For the secondary logo, I would flip Griffins so that it's not upside-down, and also maybe try something more GR-specific within the roundel. Michigan is pretty general. Maybe try the skyline next to a river and a bridge? Or maybe Gerald Ford's face? (That's a joke.)
  4. Looks pretty good! Have you tried following the sketch a bit closer and having the wings bend back further, forming more of a circle? You could then enclose the rest of the logo within, but have Obliviators span across in front of the circle. This might help the logo flow together better. Not sure if it would be an improvement but just a suggestion. Nice work though!
  5. Awesome work, looks much better! The only thing I'm noticing now, more so on the red version, is the empty white space between the front and rear legs. I think I liked that better when it was broken up. On a white background it wouldn't stand out at all but it does on the red quite a bit.
  6. I agree with TShaw528. For a cap, all you'd need is the DD logo. I like the roundel with the spikes for other uses though. I think that says "dog collar". Only suggestion would be to add a few more spikes, as dog collars usually have more than 8 around the entire thing. (I'm no expert, I'm just basing my opinion off a quick Google image search.) If you add spikes and they get too overpowering, you could shrink them a bit and not hurt the design I think. The versions on the bottom sort of look like bear claws to me. Nice work!
  7. I think your daughter is right--in the top row the Ds do look like Bs. I think the best version is the bottom middle. Overall, I think it would be good to explore other options for the spike--at first look a single spike doesn't really convey "spiked dog collar" to me. Maybe turn the logo into a roundel that has the DD enclosed in a circular spiked collar?
  8. One thing I just noticed after several looks at this, is the primary logo, the way the script 's' in Rays almost seems to continue down, behind the 'y' and into the tail of the ray, like it's one continuous object. Not sure if that was intentional or not as there is a gap, but I love it.
  9. I think this is too busy as well. Something needs to be removed--maybe the bats--and I think the stacks need to be smaller for this to work in my opinion.
  10. I think what might help make the logo (not the version incorporating the actual logo, but your concept) come to life a bit is to add an arch or wave effect to the bottom portion of the logo. Right now it's just straight left-to-right. Adding some simple motion might bring it more to life.
  11. Another thing I would suggest adjusting is reducing the spacing between the letters in GRIFFINS. Once you do that, you might need to reduce the size of Grand Rapids a bit, or increase the size of Griffins to make that part work but I think the letters are a bit too far apart as-is.
  12. Great job fixing the issues with version 1. The wordmark was hard to read due to the tri-color scheme and looks much better. Overall, version 2 is a much better sports logo, as version 1 I think has a bit too much detail in the griffin, which takes away from the simple, iconic look that sports logos usually have. It is still quite similar to the current Griffins logo, so I'm not sure this would qualify as a re-brand. More like a tweak. Nice work! The secondary logos pretty good. I definitely prefer the versions with "GRIFFINS" arched over the griffin, on the left. I think this would look pretty cool on an alternate uni. Have you considered entering the contest here? http://www.hockeyjerseyconcepts.com/p/grand-rapids-griffins-competition.html
  13. Wow! Excellent work. It's clean and minimal. Everything looks great. I like the colors too. Nice! EDIT: On second look, it would be nice to see more of the coral color in the navy caps, maybe as an outline around the white TR.
  14. I really dig this. I think it's enough of a departure from Washington, at least for a concept. And I also don't mind the use of Knicks, but this would look nice if it said New York as well. Nice job!
  15. I think the stacks need to be made smaller to make ASG take more of the focus, plus as Concepts_SM said the top half is pretty empty. They're too tall when compared to the main part of the logo, which to me is the ASG section below. Also, the Reds mark is too small within the context of the logo...it would be hardly noticeable on a hat or patch. That should either get bigger or the "C" logo should be used instead somewhere in the design. I would also try using white letters outlined in either black or red instead--the black is just a little hard to read coming off the red background and making them white could really help. Just my opinions. Very cool idea though--love the steamboat stacks being the featured element.