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  1. I could careless if you made these. The thing that got me upset is the fact that Thecargeek told TCutt if he had your permission to do his own version of these when clearly there is nothing special about them and you had the balls to tell him to stop doing them. Pssh as if. And to they may not look the same but the concept is the same and seeing as how I did these designs back in 2012, I think I have the right to call these my own since there hasn't been anything similar done since. I could careless about what you're doing but discouraging others from doing something so ordinary thats where I have a problem thus me calling you out on your b.s.
  2. Hate to point it out but these designs aren't original at all. They look relatively similar to my Oregon and Denver Broncos design used on my Redbubble profile. Or maybe you felt inspired by Rachel Smith artwork on Behance? Didn't think anyone was going to find out huh lol
  3. Cool, thanks for your input mbannon92. Here's an updated version with some changes. Changed the following. -Erased foot outline -Trimmed off the bridge part of the "M" -Widened the closed counter on the "P" -Added red "22" to add some contrast and pop Thanks for the feedback! If you have any other suggestions make sure to let me know
  4. Hey Guys, As you may know Clayton Kershaw is the leading candidate to win the NL M.V.P. award this year so I have decided to make a shirt design. First run went well and sold a couple of shirts on teespring but I would love to hear some feedback on the design. Thinking about adding a "22" somewhere for the second print to add some pop, still not sure tho. Any C&C would be appreciated! Thanks!
  5. Nice work! I love the horseshoe detail..Would love to see you do the Tennessee Titans, not because Im a fan but because Im tired of those unis.
  6. I agree %100 with you on these...The striping is a perfect combination of the past and the present.
  7. Hey this is my first post on this website. This is what I think they should look like given the information provided.
  8. I always liked this type of look for the Clippers. I think it goes hand in hand given they are in 1) They're in Los Angeles and 2) They have to do with water. Nice job however!