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  1. Wow, something the NFL designers haven't done lately, make a classy looking uniform! Great job on the Jags unis, looking forward to the rest.
  2. I was a huge fan of the Sixers Black/Red/Gold combination, and I think you did an excellent job of bringing back that era along with the retro/current one they're wearing now.
  3. I agree that the grey just doesn't work. I don't mind that you went back to a plain home jersey for the Cards, like the ones they wore back in the '90's; but adding some striping to the white and eliminating the grey would definitely help.
  4. YMolina4

    NBA Rebrands

    I like that second alternate you put together. Can I just say something though, and this is no knock on you; but I don't know how any team can call it a "re-brand" when they just update their logo and uniforms. Case in point, living in Toronto the Raptors called what they did a re-brand. Effectively they moved the Raptor claws from outside of the basketball to the inside, and added more grey. I just don't understand how that qualifies as re-brand.
  5. Love it, just love it!
  6. That logo is just awesome, you were able to add all of the NBA's logo "rules" while creating a look that says Clippers. Now, let's get ready to see what garbage they release!
  7. Love the Av's, great job on adding back in the mountain look without making the jersey too jumbled. The way you colored the Bolts logo in pretty cool as well.
  8. Awesome job on the Hurricanes, really like the way you added the squares back in through sublimation. You get the classic Carolina look without it being too prevalent.
  9. Love the Coyotes, like the Wild, but not a fan of the rest.
  10. I really like these a lot. I know a couple of responses have suggested they're bland, but I think bland and classic get mixed in together occasionally. Would you rather have the Red Wings uniforms or the original Ducks? I don't think we need to be afraid to accept Classic looking jerseys. Look at all the garbage the NBA is putting out now! Would you rather have an updated Hawks '80's uniform set, or this lime green, red and black monstrosity with the half finished "firebird" logo that they've just patented?
  11. Awesome, just awesome on the tweaks to the home and away. I felt like they just didn't put enough effort into their current jerseys when they introduced them, but you've definitely pulled them together nicely.
  12. YMolina4

    McCarthy's NHL

    I've always been a fan of classic looking jerseys, so I do like the new Lightning ones. That said, your design for them is really well done. I wouldn't mind at all if they wore those. Really like the small adjustments you made to the Dallas home jersey, very nice.
  13. Other than the stripe around the bottom of the jersey, which is pointless as the NBA does not let their players wear their shirts untucked; these are really cool.
  14. The red jersey is awesome, love that you rep'd the old school look while making it modern. Not the biggest fan of the blue as the away set, but if you switched it with the red, making the blue the alt, I think you will have made a set that I guarantee will be better than what the uniform killers at Adidas will come up with. One other thing that I noticed. For the shorts, when you have them turned sideways to show the stars, you do not have the additional stripe around the bottom of the shorts that you do when looking at the shorts from the front.