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  1. The shield logo with the chess piece as a sleeve logo looks great; and as odd as it may sound, the medieval jerseys are potentially the greatest hockey jerseys I've seen on this site. If they only went with those instead of making them the alternate jerseys, that would be frickin' awesome as well. Really well done.
  2. That's a nice looking Ducks set you came up with, much better than what they're wearing right now. Looking forward to the rest.
  3. First Falcons is a major yes. Don't love the last two though.
  4. I love the idea of giving the Titans more of an Oilers look, hate how they ruined a classic when they moved.
  5. Agreed, never been a fan of the Nike half collar. Other than that, nice design.
  6. Love, love, love the beige for the Browns. It's not easy to work with a Brown and Orange colour pallet, but what a great job you did with it.
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