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  1. You do realize there already is a Canadian basketball league. NBL Canda
  2. Good start, like the design. Needs stripes along the side in that sweet green on the outside and black in the middle of the stripe
  3. Really love this, Vancouver has needed a team since the grizzlies left. love the colors but the sea lion needs some work. Would really like to see some jerseys
  4. Good jerseys but i don't like the onesided stripes they should be on both sides
  5. really nice logo, neck seems off a bit
  6. I like the uniforms, my family is from Johnstown and i have seen a couple games. Really like the colors but i think you should keep the red
  7. really like the Michigan Throwbacks. Like the yellow unis but the monogram logo could use work. My suggestion is to incorporate a viking helmet in the monogram logo
  8. When Tottenham beats Man City 4-1

  9. Really like the DC logo. Maybe try a skyline in the Washington lettering in gray.
  10. Red really doesn't match the whole concept. To many colors keep it simple. good start
  11. Really Like miami ohio. Bowling Green looks a little off and eastern Michigan the wing shouldnt curve maybe do like a wing like the eagles on the helmet
  12. I really like the whole team backgrounds in this series. Love the logo. Jerseys should have vertical brown lines like Stoke City. Very good concept
  13. i like the logos but i dont like how you have the Manhatan Empires and the Empire State Monarchs. seems a little weird