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  1. Wow, great call. I mocked it up from my memories of the Mallory/Dunbar era. You're right: it was narrower.
  2. The Big Ten has a few teams which require a good balance between tradition and something new. Other schools like Maryland require threading a needle between what hasn't been done and tying to a fairly well defined design motif. For Maryland, I tried to improve upon Under Armour's Fauxback. Flag-patterned stripe, the now "traditional" nameplate on the back. The block M silhouette appears on the visor, with a metallic Maryland flag on the chinstrap. The number 28 is in honor of Bob Ward, former player and coach, whose number was the first to be retired at Maryland.
  3. These next two helmets are Fauxback themed. Indiana last won the Big Ten in 1967, so for their design I went back to their crimson color base and changed their decals from white to chrome silver. There are a few helmets which reflect in some capacity for this project, so I try to be authentic with what is reflected. In this case, "The Rock".
  4. Thanks for the C&C. I hear you on the visor. I know that NCAA regasprohibit anything but clear (for good reason). I wanted to stretch the boundary of reality and go the route of something a recruit might wear for the now-frequent IG/Twitter pose. There are a few more of the visors like that, but feedback taken (and appreciated).
  5. Fair. Although I guess you'll have to stick around to see how I "fixed" Washington State. ?
  6. Good feedback from you and MCM0313. Thanks much.
  7. Something tells me this one will be polarizing ... Wisconsin's helmet is a play off of North Carolina State's alternate helmet. Instead of the carbon fiber skin, I tried a badger fur hydroskin, with a Bucky call-out near the neck.
  8. Thanks for the feedback! I'd like to get back into doing full uniforms. Perhaps in 2017.
  9. Northwestern is another school which has adopted a good approach to the multi-helmet uniform. Minor revisions to make this unique: metallic purple shell, a black/silver chrome decal combo, and metallic facemask.
  10. In my opinion, Minnesota has done a terrific job with their alternate helmets in the past few years, alternating Maroon, Gold, White, and Black. I wanted to go a different route altogether, and tried to one-up Washington's Frost helmet from a few years back. It felt like the Land of 10,000 Lakes needed to "own" frozen theme: ice chrome decals, metallic maroon shell, metallic "ice" chin strap and visor clips, and an iced image of Goldy the Gopher on the visor.
  11. According to The Helmet Project, Purdue has yet to adopt a gray shell. This design is a gunmetal metallic flake shell, with chrome decals and a metallic gold facemask.
  12. I've recently wrapped a portfolio of Big Ten alternate helmet concepts, and look forward to hearing your comments. To be clear: each helmet created is intended to be an alternate helmet, used for one game, possible more during the 2017 season. To the best of my knowledge, these concepts are unique to existing concepts or helmets worn by the schools. To remain distinct to prior concepts, some of the designs are admittedly out there. I thought best to go the unique-and-quite-possibly-polarizing route than to recreate something that has already been designed. I will post 3-4 designs per day, and welcome your C&C. As always, a firm handshake to Mr. Davidson and Darth Brooks for their tutorials. This project was also preceded by a PAC-12 portfolio, which I will post in similar fashion assuming there is interest. Thanks in advance for your feedback. And away we go ...
  13. I've found that the approach can differ slightly, depending on what you are trying to reflect. In most cases, I use a base color, then place a layer (slightly increased contrast) as a grain merge or addition, then another color as an addition. Finally, I apply an extra layer which provides some extra sheen. I created the last layer mentioned by distorting the color lines. Hope this helps!
  14. You are free to design as you wish. You are also free to make a fool of yourself by being as defensive as you are. 1) uses someone else's template 2) spends a year on work 3) puts links in first post 4) turns rude when people use the links 5) says "as I've written before" and "learn to read" when it wasn't written before 6) decides people need a lesson, so opts for the boorish route Yep. Totally makes sense. Great use of time. For a person self-described as "not a good logo" designer. Carry on. #kanyeoftheboard #somepeoplearentworthhelping
  15. Nowhere in your thread did you specify on-court graphics or naming being off limits, with exception to arena names. Authenticity is an important lens in C&C. In which case, anything that is currently on the court (within the lines) is fair game. You said so yourself. I could have given additional feedback on smaller details, but if you omit a key element to the court, then it doesn't matter whether the fonts or PMS colors are perfect. I personally don't care whether you choose to change a court based on feedback. The bigger problem in my mind is that you have repeatedly chosen to suggest that board members learn to read when your caveats weren't stated. If you disagree with someone, fine. If you have a rationale for why something wasn't done, fine. The way you chose to do so speak volumes.
  16. "Beatings will continue until morale improves." ?
  17. There were many ridiculous statements made. This was my favorite. How dare we suggest a logo or a court name when you said you weren't accepting C&C? Oh, wait, you didn't specify either: "A few things you might notice... I am a fan of two-tone courts when used by the right team (I wouldn't have two-tones with traditional schools like Indiana, Duke, UCLA, etc.). The more unique logos the school has the more I tried to incorporate them into the court. Once in a while I might use a logo in a way it wasn't intended (ex. Marquette eagle logo used on court). Some of the conference logos might be a year or 2 out of date (A-10, ACC, Big 12). I didn't include websites, twitter handles, hashtags, etc. (except for one;TCU) on the out-of-bounds area. I probably only looked up 10% of the team's current court so some might be very similar to their current court on accident." You spend a year working on this, and then act that people couldn't possibly have anything to say except "Wow, you're work is dope." #everyboardneedsakanye
  18. Well, this wasn't my fight, but it can be now. Stop being rude to people who are trying to either help or give feedback. Posting 100 courts isn't necessarily what will build your reputation if you opt to act rudely every time someone posts a suggestion without having read through every post. If you don't want to make a change, ignore it. If you don't want to ignore, be pleasant. The world has enough jerks in it. We don't need that kind of behavior on this board. It is defensive and unproductive. I'd rather skip on a post with potentially great work if I have to scroll through posts like you've made to board members who are being constructive.
  19. You have engagement with people who are trying to help. Don't spoil it by being rude. Your work is good.
  20. I missed when you wrote that. I saw conference tourney floors with something similar, so was confused why I didn't see it on school courts. As always, and for good measure: GTHCGTH.
  21. I appreciate that you kept Duke's hardwood floor traditional. One point of feedback: the court has had a "Coach K Court" emblem for 11 or so years. It's located at the away coaches' box, with another copy placed kitty corner, just across mid-court (near where the Crazies sit). good work overall.
  22. And finally ... The Bishop Gorman Gaels. As someone with Gaelic ancestry, I had studied over the years about their evolution of combat. Their soldiers were known to buy and/or steal the best weaponry of the day. It seemed ideal that a team which wore ten different helmets last year bore the namesake of Gaels. Chainmail was rare in the era of Gaelic warriors, awarded to the best of the best. Also, a longstanding tradition of wearing primarily blue seemed like an opportunity to go deeper into th teams secondary colors of blue and silver. With that, I give you the helmet of the Gaels. Chainmail, battle scars, chrome decals and facemask to accentuate the helmet imagery. I believe it's now a wrap. Thanks for your feedback. Would love to hear any additional C&C for my first project.
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