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  1. Yes, absolutely. I wouldn't have enough space for some of these schools. My typical process has been to find the top two active alumni; otherwise, the two with the most prominent careers. In the case of STA, Michael Irvin was an obvious must-list. I didn't know that Brian Piccolo was an alum as well, and felt it would be "right" to include him.
  2. That was a big win for Westlake. Too bad they couldn't finish it off against Galena Park North Shore.
  3. Proud of the work on the second helmet, which had very little available images. I re-drew this one from scratch (along with the Allen Eagle).
  4. Yes, at #3. I just posted their helmet on Instagram yesterday. The post within this format will be next week.
  5. Thanks much. Looking back, I think I hit my groove about halfway through, and I'm excited to post the top ten soon.
  6. Center Grove was probably my favorite school to research, for a couple of reasons: 1) They only wear the numbers on the left side of helmet (again, attention to detail). 2) When I looked into which number should get the honor on the concept, I came across this story (well worth the read): http://www.indystar.com/story/sports/high-school/2013/11/15/leukemia-claimed-tyler-genneken-four-years-ago-but-his-spirit-lives-on-with-center-grove-high-school-football-team/3548617/ Sadly, this story appears to have another chapter (encourage everyone to help):
  7. Here's the first of a few chrome helmets worn by the Super 25 this year. I wanted to make them as authentic as possible, so each reflection is a photo of the school's home field.
  8. Not only four-time defending champs, but a 16-time state champion
  9. I was amazed as I researched the schools what happens in TX. And if you think LTHS is crazy, just wait until you see other TX schools. Another observation is that winning begets winning. Many of these schools have won several championships, with key players now in NFL.
  10. Thanks for the feedback. Uniforms could be in the future. As we move up the rankings, you'll see more multiple helmets (the national champ wore five). I'm running this concurrently (albeit slightly ahead) on Instagram, with a contest for a concept helmet for the school with the highest level of participation. I already have a handful done and look forward to sharing those as well soon.
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