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  1. Could I get one in the Memphis Grizzlies Colors. Beale Street Blue Yellow Navy
  2. Thanks to help from jaker52 the logo has been digitalized and looks really good in my opinion. What do y'all think?
  3. Nope I designed a Memphis Grizzlies logo that looks more intimidating. My logo has almost all the elements of the Grizz logo, but I added teeth and changed the shading to match. If it was a Chicago Bears logo I would have a had the shading all over the face not just the one side. Its a totally different look compared to the Chicago logo.
  4. Yeah i would love some help with digitizing it!! I have been messing around but it just looks sloppy and looks better on paper than the computer. How could you help me digitize it though? I can see what I can do with drawing, I'm not the best just good with certain things...turns out logos I'm not too bad at Thanks man!
  5. Hey my name is Sam Boyd and I have been obsessed with this website and its forums for the last year. I have always had a passion for sports logos, recently I started free drawing some logos and decided to try creating my own logo redesign. I am a huge Memphis Grizzlies fan and thought it would be right to have my first logo be a Grizz logo. This logo is a hand drawn and designed based off the Memphis Grizzlies logo but changed to make the bear a little more scary and intimidating. I have no idea how to use illustrator or any graphic design program but I would like to digitalize this logo eventually, and do a full rebrand. What do y'all think????
  6. I have thought someone needs to try and rebrand this team for a long, long time! Everything looks really good, especially the scrips! The gray jersey with JUPITER could use some modifications. I would recommend putting the Jupiter scrip on the jersey and also adding the numbers like the teal jersey. But great work in general and keep it up!
  7. The Coyotes whole rebrand is amazing!! One of my favorite rebrands I have seen! Keep up the great work and cant wait to see more!