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  1. the alt looks like the lightning's prank alternate. if you haven't seen the video, look it up.
  2. it's a nice concept, but a football tournament with this many teams would take WAY too long. if it starts a week after the conference championships, and went weekly, it would take until the divisional round of the nfl playoffs.
  3. i'm not a fan of the color on same color design, so i'm mostly a fan of the ducks, coyotes, and isles. and i'm assuming the team next to them is the rangers, who have a bad new logo tbh
  4. these look like bad soccer jerseys, but the pants are nice. i would take away the stripes on the front and back and maybe put them on the sleeves.
  5. i remember a recent story about a kid who didn't know which team to cheer for after the sonics left seattle,so he wrote a letter to every team, and the only team to respond were the minnesota timberwolves. if you don't want to do this, just cheer for whatever team is closest to you. or whoever's uniforms you like the best
  6. the problem with the current uniform is that they don't use enough orange. the same problem can be found here.
  7. the thunder logo looks way too much like the bulls logo
  8. the road jersey shouldn't be yellow if the nba has at least one team (Lakers) who's home uniform is yellow. i would consider the black alternate and the yellow road to be switched
  9. tbh i never liked the idea of a red alt for my giants. i think it would be better if they had a throwback as an alt
  10. the only change you made was the changing of the maryland flag to orioles colors, which doesn't look good anyway
  11. i like how you used a ricky vaughn jersey for the template. the jerseys are nice too.
  12. ok, call me crazy, but i had this one idea for a field for the chargers where the 50 yard line is a bolt
  13. i'm watching clippers and thunder right now, and the road reminds me of what the clips are wearing right now. also, i feel on the cap the sock should be, you know, white. i also understand you're making it like the chicago flag, so maybe you can add some 6-pointed stars