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  1. i remember a recent story about a kid who didn't know which team to cheer for after the sonics left seattle,so he wrote a letter to every team, and the only team to respond were the minnesota timberwolves. if you don't want to do this, just cheer for whatever team is closest to you. or whoever's uniforms you like the best

  2. i'm watching clippers and thunder right now, and the road reminds me of what the clips are wearing right now. also, i feel on the cap the sock should be, you know, white. i also understand you're making it like the chicago flag, so maybe you can add some 6-pointed stars

  3. Alright I've got the Pro Bowl uniforms ready to go. No more of this volt and orange pick-up garbage (the Pro Bowl is pretty stinky anyway). My Pro Bowl is going back to the classic AFC vs NFC set up with classic blue and red uniforms.

    NFC is in blue this year and the AFC will be in white. I pretty much wanted something simple and classic to bring some thread of dignity and respect to the game. Four stars on the side of the pants reflect the conference logos and represent the four divisions in each conference. Each player will have the logo of his team on the sleeves of his jersey.

    I tinkered with color vs color, but I don't like that idea with so many different helmets on the field and both teams in white pants.

    So that's the Pro Bowl. Comments are welcome and thanks for taking a look.

    Also, I updated the Titans numbers and wordmark

    maybe you should try all blue vs all red

  4. i like most of these concepts, but some helmet designs can't be replaced

    ATL/CAR/DAL: Use current primary logo, same design

    CIN/MIN: they already have one of the best helmets in the league, don't change it (but for MIN, keep the face mask. also, love the new logo)

    CLE: not a fan of the inception helmet. keep it orange w/ brown face mask, maybe add logo

    GB: please don't change the color scheme back to acme packers

    MIA: add an actual dolphin logo

    other than that, i love them

  5. As promised, here is the project's realignment plan (with Minnesota moved to the Eastern Conference to allow for the two Western Conference expansion teams, and for logic's sake):


    Two conferences, four divisions (with a few spoilers for future color schemes). The conferences and divisions are only used to structure each team's schedule (4 games against division opponents, 3 games against non-division and same conference opponents, and 2 games against non-conference opponents), while the playoffs now use a tournament format, with the top 16 teams in the league going to the playoffs and all seeding based on record. Using last season, here would be a hypothetical playoff first round:

    1. San Antonio vs. 16. Charlotte

    2. Oklahoma City vs. 15. Brooklyn

    3. LAC vs. 14. Washington

    4. Indiana vs. 13. Phoenix

    5. Miami vs. 12. Chicago

    6. Houston vs. 11. Toronto

    7. Portland vs. 10. Dallas

    8. Golden State vs. 9. Memphis

    This helps to eliminate a lot of the conference bias, and allows for many Western Conference teams who missed the playoffs to get in while sub-.500 Eastern Conference teams miss (like they should).

    What if you did 8 Divisions, just like the NFL, which would make rivalries more intense. maybe even American/National instead of East/West

  6. I might sound like a broken record, but thank you again for the comments.

    The aqua helmet and the colored pants on the colored jerseys were just for fun like the aqua-colored field, nothing serious. You can subtract them from your mind if you want to. My future concepts will be a bit more conservative.


    Up next is the New York Giants. The main thing here is that I used a lighter-than-their-current gray pretty much everywhere there is typically white. It might be an unpopular decision, but I want to see your reaction. Other than that, it is a bit conservative. Here are uniforms:


    And here is the field (Just one this time):


    Any questions and constructive C&C is welcomed. :)

    as a giants fan i love it