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  1. so where are the images?


  2. Thanks to everyone for all of the positive comments! It's definitely encouraging to read, going forward. It is really difficult to nail a look that the fans of the team in question won't immediately dislike. The Packers are my team and I am dreading having to come up with some sort of intimidating concept for them. I've started on the Saints out of personal inspiration, but the list of what I'll be working on after that is as follows: Eagles Cowboys Redskins Colts Browns Patriots Thanks again! Hopefully I'll have an update soon.
  3. I'm really looking forward to the NFC East in general. All good teams that could use some potential rebranding. I am not against the name, I think it's a very cool and imposing name. I think I have some pretty cool ideas there.
  4. Thanks! I also just tried it on a helmet, which I think looks pretty cool. Ren: I haven't given the cowboys the due amount of thought, but I think I might try them next. Sounds like a challenge. (After finalizing a better Ravens mark, of course.) Thanks!
  5. I really like the gold in the logo itself, it is certainly more regal. But as far as fitting, the Niners and Bucs both use the red/gold combo, whereas the Titans have a very recognizable scheme. I've made the light blue more 'silvery', in the greyer end of the spectrum, and I like it as-is now. I'm back to tweaking the Ravens, but I think I'm going to call the Titans a finished product as of now. I'll post it here now. I'm also going to update the original post with an image of the teams I have finished. Again, requests on which teams to cover next would be awesome!
  6. I'm definitely not finished with the Ravens, but the way I work, I get an idea I think will pan out and I immediately have to put pen to paper or it will vanish! Hahah. But I do plan on tweaking the curves like you suggest. I do completely agree. Also, I'm breaking into my design stride for this series, and sometimes it takes a couple of designs for the style of a series to come together. These two logos are already designed with very different stylings, but I prefer where I'm going with the Titans moreso, so I may go back and try to tweak the raven into a similar style.
  7. Thanks guys! I would definitely like some feedback on which teams I should try next. I'm doing this at random so any requests would be cool.
  8. Alright, so I'm going to call the Raven mark acceptable and figure out colors when the finalizing stage takes place. So moving on, here is my concept for the Tennessee Titans. I tried to retain the symbols and flow of the original logo, but make a more fierce and challenging mark. The infamous 'flaming thumbtack' logo just has nothing intimidating or exciting about it. I also wish they would change their bland color scheme, so I included a gold version, as well as the classic powder blue. Comments? Ideas?
  9. Thanks for the feedback! hettinger / davidmiller: I agree, I'm going to tweak those and round off some of the 'gullet' feathers and make it overall a little less 'spikey'. I will pull up the beak a bit. As for color, so far votes are mixed, and I still haven't decided. I am convinced that the mark is pretty pleasing, but not sure about where to go, color wise. Here's a greyscale helmet idea, very quickly.
  10. So this is something I have wanted to do for a long time, and I have finally decided to jump in head first. I will be updating as I create each mark. I will focus on the logo/ mascots first, and then integrate text when all of the marks are completed. (Except for those marks that may include the text into the mark.) I'm definitely looking for any feedback or comments. I will add that I'm not particularly trying to sustain the old 'timeless' conventions or historical points of each team. I just want to make each mark visually appealing in a way that I imagine would aesthetically make the NFL look more sleek and professional as a whole. I just want to make this a great looking series of marks for my own and others enjoyment! So, I will update the title with the team I am working on at the time. To begin, seemingly at random, here is my concept for the Baltimore Ravens. Please disregard all text, it's just thrown in there for continuity and will be reworked later. I am in a conflict with myself over color, so I'd really love any feedback on which looks better, or other suggestions. Thanks for looking!
  11. A couple of tips that might help you out: 1. No stripes in the background, try keeping it a solid color. 2. Add a nose if you can, or even just the suggestion of one. 3. Thickening the brow, and increasing the angle for a more fierce look. 4. Finally, decrease the purple stroke size, and darken your 'darkest' grey shadows to an even darker, more imposing tone.
  12. Omaha should just have an illustration of Peyton Manning as their logo. I like the break caused by the feather shaft, but then I don't. It's modernist and edgy, but at the same time I feel like it ruins the flow of the O somehow. Have you tried ending the red stroke less abruptly?
  13. That alternate is pretty different. I know you are going for a different look, but I think the separation between the brown numbers and orange uniform is not contrasted enough. Maybe a white stroke around the text? Might tie it in with the white stripe in the pants. Just a thought.
  14. I'm really thinking this needs to be rotated at least 45 degrees counterclockwise, if not a little more. I know what you're trying to go for, but I just don't like the way it's looking vertically straight at the ground. Personally it gives the logo a dejected feeling. I realize that you're trying to have the ram head-down and ready to charge, but this is just my view on it. Otherwise you have come a long way from post 1. I like the colors now. I'm not sure what your school colors are, the original logo is in black. Any chance you could differentiate from the St. Louis Rams with a color change?
  15. Was checking this out earlier, I really like the design overall. The color scheme is well done, but I feel like the text in the composed mark could use some white or light grey highlights to set it apart from the background blue. The only other thing that could maybe use a little tweaking is the eye. I think it could be a little more 'aggressive' looking, maybe by curving the 'brow' area a little more extremely, or thickening it? Not sure. Love the text style of Hammerheads and the overall flow. I don't have a problem with the JUPITER text, but maybe increase the kerning so that it balances a little better between the h's?