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  1. Love the detail in the numbers. Greece is great!
  2. Gotta love how well purple and blue go together.
  3. Belgium and Spain are by far my favorite. I really like how you didn't incorporate green into India's uniform. How about South Korea next?
  4. Doing some great work here Windell. I'm really liking the transitions from the international to state side.
  5. I really like the idea of an American football world Cup. Excellent series so far
  6. Port of Spain Santo Domingo
  7. I think a few countries need to have simple uniforms. My only c&c is that there are 5 crosses in the Georgian flag and maybe incorporate that into the uniform soemhow. That's just my 2 cents. Great job
  8. One of my favorites also! Love what you did with the shoulder striping. You have outdone yourself
  9. The helmet looks a whole lot better. I'm really liking St. Vincent