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  1. Looks good, I won't repeat what others said, just needs a hem stripe
  2. I mean put LA on the away sweater, and put the kings on the home.
  3. I like the logo a lot, but not feeling the away. Maybe if you somehow broke up the badge and Kings for the dark sweater and LA for the light.
  4. I am personally not a huge fan of the striping in the jersey. It looks really good, but maybe a more unique stripe for a new expansion team, rather than this more vintage style. Other than that, great work, I love the logo and the sword down the pants.
  5. The name 'Sounders' derives from Seattle being on the Puget Sound, and the people living by the sound are considered Sounders. So the branding of music wouldn't really make much sense. I do like the addition of cream, that could be worked into a really great third kit!
  6. I like this as a concept, but would never want the Preds to wear this, or any team for that matter. Also since when did Cam Ward play for Nashville?
  7. If you go white shoulders, then maybe switching the black and white stripes on the arms and hem would bring more balance to black and the old color scheme.
  8. Ok, I used the color palette for the Jets, Bills, and Colts. I also figured out the issue for Buffalo; I copied and pasted over the NFC shields and deleted the NFC shields on the bottom layer individually, and the Bills got mixed up and deleted instead. Enjoy!
  9. I dont why any of these colors look dark, I used the dropper tool, and got the EXACT colors, but I will try updates with this color guide.
  10. I used the dropper tool on their logo, so it would be the exact shade of green they use. I could try this shade and see what happens.
  11. Alright, here is the AFC. I removed black on KC, because that is just the outline for the arrowhead. Other than that, the color schemes are the same on these shields.
  12. Ok, here is the NFC, and the AFC will be posted tomorrow. It's organized by divisions again. I changed the colors for the LA Rams to blue and gold, returned to kelly green for the Eagles, with silver and white, and removed black from the Lions color scheme.
  13. This is good as it's own thing, but this is so similar to the Lightning. I also feel like Icemen or Las Vegas Ice Hockey Club is too vague. You have the execution, just not the idea yet.
  14. Great idea! I'll get working on that today, posted later tonight or tomorrow...
  15. I am using Speedy's template 2.0 if that helps.
  16. Sorry, computer issues,it wouldn't save the update. Thanks for the feedback guys, did not expect to get this many replies. For the Wings and Leafs, I would need to add the outermost outline back, which I am against doing. Also it makes them stand out a bit more, which I thought would work.
  17. Canes added, reorganized by divisions
  18. So the original idea was to base the colors off of their Heritage Classic set, with the inclusion of the grey. But I have updated it with all the current colors.
  19. Pretty self-explanatory; I really like how Major League Soccer and Baseball have their league logo in team colors for each club. I never understood why the NHL didn't do this. I simplified the league shield a bit, removing the outermost outline and got rid of the gradients, which looked okay but I never really cared for. I am open to changing colors, and maybe adding the outline back; it just seemed superfluous at the time. I also edited some team colors, such as Buffalo, LA, San Jose, and Tampa. C&C appreciated!
  20. Thanks guys, did that and it worked perfectly. I was also wondering how to curve the hem like the Jets sweaters and Leafs sweaters. The stripe is here on the hem (colors work in progress), and how do I curve it to go along the stitching? Thanks for the feedback!
  21. The issue is that these would look too similar in striping to the Maple Leafs, and that would not go over well at all. Some tweaks, and this could work.
  22. Good looking series so far, are you doing outdoor games for this season?
  23. I really like the chest stripe, but I feel the colors all get muddle together. Maybe try the current cannon logo and its colors with the striping you have here.
  24. Hi guys. I am having some trouble with adding a second outline in Inkscape. I have Inkscape 0.91 for Windows 10. I am simply trying to add a second outline to a logo and back jersey numbers. I have also included the screenshots of the logo and numbers. Thanks!
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