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  1. Putting the sponsor logo on the stripe for the alt leaves the other side to empty IMO. Perfection otherwise.
  2. The white triangle below the mouth, as said above, looks like a napkin. I would try to shrink that down so it doesn't extend as far into the blue circle. The ermine is a nice nod to the city though.
  3. The only issue I have so far is that the scarf for SV 03 is in English, but the team is based in Portugal. In Portuguese it would read : " Vão Marotos! Ir! " All of your jerseys so far have been great though.
  4. Man. City- I feel adding trim on the collar and sleeves of the white jersey would help lessen the emptiness a bit. Man Utd.- other than adding names on the back of the third, no other complaints. Nice, classic look.
  5. I believe Ohio will be wearing their white helmets in the Camellia Bowl (calling it the Stormtrooper look), not the green. Also, I think the bowl logo you had on there is the 2014 logo. The one below is the one being used this year.
  6. Echo everything above, and you probably would need a white kit to comply with MLS regulations requiring a "light" kit. Obviously if this is what you want them to look like, not necessarily what they might bring out as their next kit, then I'm fine with that, but accuracy would demand some kind of "light" kit
  7. Only thing I would say is to not put the number above the Nike logo on the shorts. I understand if the template causes problems, but I would either put the swoosh near the waistband or eliminate the numbers entirely. The cream looks great though.
  8. -Having the primary logo on the shoulders doesn't work all that well. -The chest logo should be a tad bit bigger, theres just too much empty space up near the collarbones right now. Other than that, these are pretty clean and don't go too crazy (this is a team in the nation's capital after all). Nice work.
  9. I think the claw marks look great on the numbers, but on the captains patches they seem to take over too much of the letter. Also, though I like the alternate crest, the basic idea has too much legacy with the Canucks to work elsewhere in sports. all in all though, this is a very sharp look.
  10. The one thing that I noticed is that the vertical line of the L is much thicker than the horizontal line. Other than that, I don't know how much I like the two-tone red, but your design is definitely better than what they have now.
  11. I like the idea of making the whale in the logo black, like it is in real life, but then it is the only black anywhere on the jerseys. If you want to stick with the two-tone blue/white color scheme, I wouldn't change the whale to black. Or, you could try to add black somewhere on the jerseys to match the logo. The design of the jerseys, however, is good.
  12. other than the monochrome crests, these are great. definitely better than what they have now
  13. If you wanted to emphasize the Arizona part, you could make the beak copper instead of bronze. I still like how this looks right now, though.
  14. 1-the red on the primary kit isn't dark enough, it looks more like pink right now. Otherwise, this is better than what they have coming this year. 2-the mismatched bands on the first set of yellow socks just isn't working for me. I would remove them entirely, or at least make them match 3-the third kit looks more like one that a USL team would wear, not Barcelona. A third kit nowadays has colors completely unrelated to the team, like neon yellow for Barcelona last year or lime green for Juventus. I'm not saying use neon, but choose colors that normally wouldn't be related to the team.
  15. These look great but yeah, there are too many of them. get rid of the cream, alt grey, and one of the blue uniforms IMO