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  1. Gold- 6 Silver- 1 Bronze- 20
  2. Gold- 1 Siver- 20 Bronze- 15
  3. Gold: 15 Silver: 26 Bronze: 37
  4. I need come clarification. Does "jersey" strictly mean the sweater? Or are talking about the sweater and pants?
  5. Here is my redo of the NWSL championship game logo. Here it is as a patch: And here are the championship participants presented with customized patches:
  6. I have three uniform concepts and a crest for the USSF. I'm using my women's soccer template, but they can be used for the entire federation. Primary Set Union Army Blue & Buff Revolutionary War Era Massachusetts "Pine Tree" Flag
  7. Love the marching band uniform. Would like to see the basketball "indoors" version. Rugby shirts in blue & gold hoops would be awesome. Not a fan of the numbers on one-side of the helmet. With a modern style logo, you should display it on both sides.
  8. The "light and dark rule" did not cause the monochrome jersey looks. It had to do with a lot of federations fear of Brazilian heat. Therefore teams with interrupted looks (Germany, Argentina, England, Colombia) used white shorts and socks to instead their classic looks. Anyway, amongst you concepts: Belgium- Needs Red Socks Mexico- Perfect Colombia- I prefer a return to 70's - 80's era orange Spain- Royal Blue Shorts, Navy or Red Socks Argentina- I prefer Black Socks, however at the very least incorporate the "stripes within the stripes" like 1978 for the shorts Germany- Fine Brazil- No to the Blue Names & Numbers USA- Plain Navy Shorts and Socks Netherlands- Orange Socks England- Navy Collar, Cuffs, and Shorts France- Lighter Shades of Blue and Red Portugal- Just Beautiful! Italy- Fine Switzerland- Fine Uruguay- Fine, although their classic look gets less charming the more I see it. Chile- Fine Ghana- Fine Cote D'Ivoire- I think they can pull off an Orange/White/Green Tricolor
  9. Here's a redo of the Boston Continentals- slight changes in the color scheme and a simpler logo/crest.
  10. Houston was first team I wanted to change the look of due to their generic logo. I knew the general look I wanted: Arsenal + Mexico. I knew the team symbol: Pegasus. However, it took me long time to execute it as a logo.
  11. The NWSL is a by-product of an US, Canada, Mexico to pool resources for women's soccer. However, Mexico has recently been at odds with the league. So here's my proposal to salve the wound- admitting Club Tijuana into the league. It already has a competing women's team. It has a markeing department that is agressively trying to play to the LA & SD markets. The uniforms are black with a red gradient sash for the home. The away is plain white. From what I gather from their uniform history, they like to be very flashy. However, I think they would be guarded to spend more than they have to. So cool uniforms for the home crowd, but practical garb when there is a possibility of clash.
  12. This may be a stretch, but why not try some New Zealand teams? Auckland Argonauts (Blue & White, Pirate-themed) Wellington Majestics (Purple & Black, Mountain/Wizard-themed) Christchurch Crusaders (Gold + White, Crusader-themed)
  13. Although at this moment this is an unlikely franchise, I made a uniform set for the Vancouver Whitecaps. During the Women's World Cup, the head of the CSA mentioned that if there women's teams in Canada they would be affiliated with a men team. My home is very similar to Vancouver's 2013 -2014 set, but differs in directon, color, and pattern and pinhoop socks. The road is a simple all-dark blue uniform.
  14. HenryJens, thank you for your critiques. Here are my responses. Atlanta: I understand what you are saying, I can see a Denmark 1986 look in their future. However, the NWSL is a 3 year-old league that is just starting to get some traction. The teams mostly wear Nike templates and a league font with their logos slapped on. So I'm striving for looks that can seen as "go-to". Therefore, the uniforms will lean towards conservative. Minnesota: At the time that I started this project, no one had a third jersey. Portland once wore what was technically their practice jersey. As of this season, Portland is the only team to break out of wearing a template, but only Chicago and Seattle have third jerseys. A third jersey is like a gratuitous expense for everyone except Portland and maybe Sky Blue. Washington: What element of the crest do you think is too much? Boston: Do you think that getting rid of the Betsy Ross stars and replacing them with another pine tree would work. Also, would shrinking the pine trees work? Pittsburgh: I'll most likely lighten the tone of the checkerboard stripe like I did with Sky Blue.
  15. Pittsburgh is not an NWSL team but there were rumors before the Women's World Cup that there were some interest to field a team in the near future. My offering for their identity: The Pittsburgh Harpies Due to Pittsburgh German-American community, I wanted an eagle to represent the team much like the German National Team. The Harpy Eagle was the perfect eagle to use because of its look, habits, and name origin. Surrounding the eagle is unique crest made to look like Fort Pitt. The team colors are not the traditional yellow/gold for Pittsburgh. Instead, I went for black/white/steel gray because it was a befitting color scheme for the mascot and city history.