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  1. Thanks for the comments. The early 1970's were a weird time for design (graphic, fashion, architectural and otherwise). It definitely wouldn't work on a helmet but would look great (back then) as branding on letterhead or marketing material. I agree that it'd look great on a t-shirt which is the first thing I did when I found it. I checked out the US Trademark database to see if the team registered this. They didn't but I found these gems from that era...
  2. I found this in an old design book and wanted see if anyone knew anything about it. (from book) 76. The Chicago Bears, a football club. Proposed new mark. Designed in 1973 by Emil M. Cohen. Digging around, 1973 was the year the team switched from the all-white wishbone C to the orange outlined one. The designer is from the Chicago area and has designed other (non-football) logos. I wonder if he did the wishbone C redesign or if this was part of a logo competition of sorts. Anyway, thought I'd share.