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  1. The arena deal still needs to get voted on by the state legislature, and although there's an agreement that's been reached by the major players, it's no guarantee that it will be approved. Certainly I'm hoping that it passes, but this is not yet a done deal.
  2. Rolling Stone article on the Bucks re-design process.
  3. I want the Bucks one. How do I get it?
  4. New Bucks uni's to be unveiled June 6th per @Bucks twitter feed.
  5. I'm a big fan too. Both of the font and the color scheme. I agree that the effect is sort of a cross hatch of machine/industrial with a more rustic, "up north" sort of energy but I consider that a positive melding that incorporates both Milwaukee's rust belt history with Wisconsin's more rural nature. I will say that the "W" in Milwaukee does look a bit odd, however, with the lowered middle part falling out of line on the arch. Not sure if I like it or hate it, perhaps the visual disruption there is sort of charming.
  6. Via the new logo's designer: Doubleday & Cartwright. More info here:
  7. Looks good Conrad. Would like to see the curved word mark on the cream jerseys and the blue used as an outline color and not as part of the rainbow (maybe a lime green to replace it on the cream ones). Lovely work though. Perhaps a line of blue in the collar and sleeve lines too.
  8. Some subtle differences in this version which was apparently spotted at store in Milwaukee. Antlers look better IMO as does the M. Ears are more prominent.
  9. Looks like there are a number of subtle differences between the background logo on the other side of the glass. See the ears and eyes especially. Thoughts?
  10. I like the off white cream in that jersey. Wonder if that's similar to the rumored cream they're discussing.
  11. The fade from white to purple in the wordmark is great. Are there other jersey's that do that?
  12. Nicely done. It does look a whole lot better actually. You should take as stab at the Bucks logo/colors based on the info in this thread.
  13. No one's taken the bait re: mocking something up based on those drawings eh?