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  1. Newburyport Clippers Newburyport is a very traditional team that often looks like Boston College because of their colors and how they use them. They have always had a plain gold helmet. I added numbers on one side, the block N on the other and on the back of the helmet, PORT because that is their nickname. The jersey has block numbering and one the home says clippers just above. On the away, the block N sits above the numbers. The home pants are white and the away pants are gold. The stripe on the side is consistent with the stripping used on the basketball uniforms. Oh ok I saw that right after I posted this last one
  2. Masonomet Chieftains Masco is one of the larger schools in the league and have always kept simple one color schemes. They recently updated their logo form what was a Kansas City Chiefs logo with an M instead of KC. the new log separates form that somewhat. Masco usually uses a red helmet and white pants but I reversed that giving them a white helmet and red pants (white pants for away). The jerseys have simple block numbers with MASCO written above in large font. As an accent and a small detail, the waist on both uniforms are the opposite color of the rest to give more detail to a plain look.
  3. Manchester Essex Hornets Man-Essex for short is known as the Hornets. Their color scheme consists of green, black, and white. This is a newer school so there is not as much tradition as some of the others. In the redesign I incorporated hexagons to refer as honeycombs similar to what Georgia Tech recently did with their uniforms. I kept the helmet the same as the current which is their primary logo on a plain white helmet. The jersey and pants I had match with roundish numbers on an under armor template. I inputted the hexagons o the wide middle stripe between the two black stripes on both the sleeves and pants.
  4. Lynnfield Pioneers Lynnfield as of late has been the most successful team in the league and it is also the only team in the league to have a name brand supplier for football uniforms (Nike). In other sports most teams have a name brand supplier such as basketball or soccer. In football however, all teams except for Lynnfield have unheard of brands that do not have a template. Lynnfield's colors football wise always have blue and white. Occasionally you can find an accent of yellow but that is not common. For this I brought back the yellow and used it on the helmet stripe and the sleeve cuff. The helmet contains the standard Lynnfield L which is found on their baseball uniforms. I liked both the blue and white helmet combinations so I included both and for this team, mix and match of the jerseys, pants, and helmets would be in affect. I used a modern number template and on the white jersey there is a small grey outline. I placed numbers on the shoulders and the primary logo on the sleeves.
  5. Ipswich Tigers I came up with an interesting and somewhat unusual concept for the Tigers. Starting with the Helmet, I used a block I (Ipswich's secondary logo) in all white on top of a black helmet with a simple orange and white stripe. The jersey and pants is where it gets interesting. I wanted these uniforms to represent a Tiger so I inputted Tiger stripes with a white outline on both jerseys and pants. Ipswich in the past has had both orang and black home uniforms so when first creating these uniforms, I couldn't decide whether to have a black or orange home uniform and after trying both, I decided to go with two color uniforms neither being specific to the home or road. For the numbers, I used the current Florida State set. Ipswich uses a non-name brand for their uniform outfitter so I used Adidas because the concept was most similar to the style of uniforms Adidas produces.
  6. Hamilton-Wenham Generals Hamilton Wenham in football looks similar but not entirely the same to the Dallas Cowboys. I did not want to completely change that for this. I kept the helmet the same because it works well and has become a classic look. Form there I cleaned up the jersey by making the front numbers smaller and reversing the colors (previously grey with white outline). On the sleeves, I changed the sleeve stripes to what Ohio State has in their current set form before which was is the Pittsburgh Steelers and Iowa Hawkeyes have and what Ohio State Previously used and what they have as an alternate currently. I changed the pants from white to blue for home and grey for the away.
  7. Georgetown Royals Georgetown has always been a generic team with not much of an identity. They call themselves the royals but do not really utilize the name in their uniforms. Their color scheme is a simple royal blue and white with a recolored Georgia G as the primary logo. For this uniform I kept with the pattern of generic blue and white with an adidas template. The helmet appears grey but that is only because I did not know how to replicate a chrome silver look which is what the concept is meant to have.
  8. Amesbury Indians For this I used a helmet design similar to Florida State with the arrow. I thought this would represent the name Indians well. For the jersey I used simple block numbers and no sort of pattern because traditionally Amesbury has a simple but classic look. For the pants, I just used the stripe from the helmet arrow.‚Äč
  9. Im starting a new topic which is a redesign for the 11 teams in the Cape Ann League which is a High School sports league. Im doing this because the current uniforms of the schools in football are all either outdated or not very good. Ill go by alphabetical order through the teams (Amesbury, Georgetown, Hamilton-Wenham, Ipswich, Lynnfield, Manchester Essex, Masonomet, Newburyport, North Reading, Pentucket, and Triton) Comments and Critics are apprecieted
  10. Could I get banners for: New England Patriots Super Bowls Boston Red Sox World Series Championships Boston Bruins Stanley Cups Alabama Crimson Tide Football National Championships Georgetown Hoyas Basketball National Championship and Big East Tournament Championships UMass Lowell Hockey East Championships (2013,2014)