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  1. This thread deserved a revive. This one was mentioned before, but a picture was never posted. The Ballpark at Harbor Yard, Bridgeport, CT - Home of the Bluefish (independent)
  2. Just in case you're interested, here's a logo used by the Tri-City Americans (WHL). Your idea seems to line up pretty well with their design. In my opinion, it doesn't look like there's much interesting going on that makes the Americans logo. Same goes for your logo (right now at least). I think the "wings" concept could work, but I think it'll take a lot of creativity and ingenuity to make it look good.
  3. Great template. However, an NHL rink has a corner radius of 28 feet, and the corners of your rink look a bit too sharp (relative to the rest of the rink) to meet the regulation (Or maybe they're right and my eyes are just failing me ). If that gets fixed, I'd give this my (meaningless) stamp of approval. I've done some modelling for an NHL regulation rink before, and I found everything I needed to know about NHL rink dimensions and regulations directly in the NHL rulebook (Section 1). I give you credit, however, the rest looks pretty accurate.
  4. I like the other one better. I'm not a fan of using that "Ny" design twice in one logo. The logo has great symmetry, but the asymmetrical styling of the "Ny" makes it difficult to incorporate if it is not placed on the line of symmetry (i.e. right in the middle). Having two of them, placed as counterparts on either side of the logo seems, to me anyway, to take away the great symmetry the logo already has going for it. In fact, if I were designing this logo, I would completely omit the "Ny" design (I was never a fan of it anyway), because it seems to undermine the simplicity that the rest of your design has going for it (meaning having a relatively complex logo inside another logo doesn't look good, especially when seen from afar), and instead use a different "filler" for the space that its removal will create. Besides, if you leave it out the "Ny" you'lI have a completely original logo. I have I some ideas for what might look great in space of the "Ny", but I don't want to steal your creative thunder. All that said, I'm no expert, this is just the way I see the design.
  5. It really is pretty generic, now that you say that. I guess I didn't see it that way because it is a pretty big departure from what we have now. I was going for a more classic look in these, which is probably why they turned out generic. Do you think it's worth altering the Script logo or should I just scrap it completely? I would like to be able to keep the classic look but I'm not sure what I should change to make it unique. For example, the Mariners Jersey would be incredibly generic if not for the stylized "M's" and "S's."
  6. My god, what a disaster of a stitching job. It's a shame, the Preds have some great uniforms. If they can't even get the numbers right, I wonder how the front turned out. I would guess they just used a pre-made patch.