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  1. No, sorry about that. I might make some more on top of the eight I intend on doing. I am horrible at logos but I could give them a go. I might even give the teams a monogram or something.
  2. The designs are not area specific, nor are the nicknames which means teams can be moved and shifted without much of an identity change. I do intend on making a league logo soon. Anyway, the first team: New York Harlequin:
  3. Yes. The teams players will play directly on their opponent eg. LB on RF
  4. Hi all, This is a fictional sport that I created a few years back. It is called Wall-Ball. There are 8 teams spread across the world in the premier league, the WBA (Wall-Ball Association). The field looks like this: The positions are Left Forward, Right Forward, Left Outer Mid, Left Inner Mid, Right Inner Mid, Right Outer Mid, Left Back and Right Back. As well as this, there are 3 Interchange players. a match has a cap of 50 interchanges. This team is playing an attacking format, as evidenced by the Midfielder standing slightly towards the wall. The wall looks like this: The wall is 6 metres tall and has two even sections. If you kick it in the yellow section, the other team gets a free kick. To score 2 points you must kick it against the wall (provided it is in the blue section) and catch it. To score one point you must catch an opposition kick against the wall (provided it is in the blue section).
  5. Hey man. Could you please do one with Port Adelaide Magpies (32 Premierships) And Port Adelaide Power (1 Premiership) but on the one image? Thanks in advance.
  6. I have some names, not sure if they are there. I'd assume most of these would be MOUNTAINS VICTORY CITY GLORY 6ers (cricket type name) UNICORNS PHARAOHS
  7. As well as expansion sides, I will do umpire uniforms. Currently, the umpires wear this:
  8. This may be a stretch, but why not try some New Zealand teams? Auckland Argonauts (Blue & White, Pirate-themed) Wellington Majestics (Purple & Black, Mountain/Wizard-themed) Christchurch Crusaders (Gold + White, Crusader-themed) I've done the bottom two. First one is proving a bit harder. Wellington Majestics: Christchurch Crusaders:
  9. I made these in PhotoShop CS6. The template was made for Illustrator but I converted it to PhotoShop. Here's the Illustrator file:
  10. Hi all. This is going to be me delving into many sports that I am unfamiliar with. My team is called the Eagles. The logo was created by me a while back in paint. Here's an AFL jumper