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  1. F'ing love the script, secondary, & home & alt unis.
  2. love the blue primary road jersey.
  3. Love the color scheme and script, but your i's look too much like e's, and your n's r's.
  4. Love it, definitely get the beach feel. The only problem I have is that the ball in the primary logo kind of reminds me of a beach ball more than a baseball (but maybe that was intentional?)
  5. Even as an Angels fan, I love it. The S in the secondary logo reminds me of Starbucks, but luckily it's Seattle, so it works in its own quirky way.
  6. I'm iffy on the Invaders, but I love that Defenders set. I wish an actual team would use that color scheme (I know the Niners had something similar, but they did next to nothing with it).
  7. Clips - Angels - Raiders - Ducks -
  8. Am I the only one here that even kind of likes the Wizards' logo? This just seems a little too cheesy for my taste.
  9. Definitely like the newer numbers. Those first ones looked a little too futuristic, especially for a team named after a 19th century writer.
  10. As a Raider fan, I would definitely like it as an alt (the current logo just means too much to me to change, but I guess that's just bias talking). Just a couple of suggestions; fix the side of the mouth. It looks at first glance like he has fangs, which is just a little too crazy, even for the Raiders. Second, work on the helmet; it looks like either a) a hard-hat or a rubber rain cap, neither of which I think you're going for. And leave the font as is. Excellent job.
  11. If it's not too much work: Oakland Raiders - Anaheim Angels (they're still Anaheim to me, dammit) - Los Angeles Clippers - Anaheim Ducks - And that Cubs/Sox one was really cool, so could I get one like that, but with Ducks/Sharks? Same logo for the Ducks, and for the Sharks use all in 1680x1050. These are among the coolest wallpapers I've ever seen, and I really appreciate it; keep up the good work.
  12. As a Ducks fan, I really, really like that logo. The sweaters seem a little plain, though.
  13. I'm really surprised that no pro teams use a skyline like those in the NBA '97 & '98 logos.
  14. They really aren't bad at all. "Thunder" is an awful name, and the "Oklahoma City" on the road uniform could be cleaned up a bit, but other that that I like them. Perfect shade of blue.
  15. I remember about a year back or so there was a project to add every NFL uniform to the main site. I haven't been around for a while, but I just came back and noticed that some pages have extremely detailed uni sections (the Broncos and Falcons, for example), while others don't have anything other than the modern uniform (Bears, Browns, Saints, etc). So, what happened? Did we collectively give up on the project all of a sudden, or was it just people forgetting about it? Understand that I'm not trying to complain, considering I contributed nothing to a project that obviously took (takes?) a great deal of patience, research and illustration. I'm just curious, particularly since a lot of logo pages just feel empty without the extra uniforms.