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  1. Thanks for the kind words and Geaux Tigers! This template didn't have other views, but I liked the realism of it. I'll try others in the future. The stripes end at an angle there because the Nike template fabric changes to a mesh-type there and cuts up from the bottom, so the stripe ends at the stitch line. I thought it would be a cool way to use the open space to add the tiger at the bottom.
  2. Hey guys, First time posting a new concept. I've just joined officially, but I've lurked around for years. Just a couple stabs at updating what LSU wears currently. I wanted my first to be something I knew (LSU, obviously) and also something that would be a challenge to update without giving up the equity LSU already has in their looks. The template I used I found on here, but I can't seem to locate the link to it now for reference. Will do when I find it with an update. This is LSU's current look. Thanks!
  3. I think you lose too much contrast with the orange numerals on navy. On TV it may play havoc on the eyes. The white with orange outline has a great look to it.
  4. I think the problem here is just how generic it is. There's no tie into the past or a nod to their nautical name (PR copy notwithstanding, some lines do not allude to a ship nor the water). It's not necessarily bad, it just has no personality or meaning to it. It's some current trend modern sports type along with tweaks to current color schemes. Seems all very haphazard.