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  1. is that....a wordmark inside of a logo....
  2. RT @JOE_co_uk: Look, if The Queen didn't want this to happen then maybe she shouldn't have come to the #RoyalWedding dressed as a green scr…

  3. RT @Lin_Manuel: I love that @djgoor’s brain processes bad news as dubstep music. I love Dan Goor’s brain, full stop.…

  4. RT @Sethrogen: Jesus mom

  5. RT @wbuxtonofficial: This is a GREAT interview. Kudos guys. Really enjoyed it. ???

  6. RT @Chloe_Hilliard: This is why it’s important to have diversity on your staff. No one else was gonna speak up. And #Kanye wasn’t going to…

  7. RT @CuteEmergency: those little otter noises ? ?: qoo_ruru

  8. RT @CuteEmergency: cuteness overload ? ?: mywinterfells.siberian_huskies

  9. RT @CaseyNeistat: 'finishing rates varied significantly by gender. For men, the dropout rate was up almost 80 percent from 2017; for women,…

  10. RT @karaweeks_: this is what the world map sounds like on the piano?

  11. @extrabaggs

  12. RT @CuteEmergency: look at this little walking potato ? ?: bullybrandcrew

  13. RT @RollingStone: See Soccer Mommy channel Nineties teen movies in the new video for "Cool"

  14. RT @KO_Crowley: The Scottsdale Stadium crowd fell in love with Jerry Sands

  15. @wbuxtonofficial Great work on this week's Paddock Pass! Great to see you back.