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  1. Absolutely beautiful.
  2. Love both the Primary and secondary Pacman Logos. Perfect in every way. Seriously -- Perfect. The other little wing logo....good God, why? Just awful. So, so bad.
  3. Meh...the more I see the new uniforms, the less I like them. Something about them is just a little off. I like the slight color change, but other than that, I preferred the previous sets. They were totally fine the way they were.
  4. You know that scene in any cartoon where a character begins to go crazy and their one eye twitches uncontrollably? That's me upon reading that. I can't wrap my head around it. But the world is great BECAUSE we don't all see things the same. Not in spite of it. So.......allow me to rank for you my discontent. It seems like I hate everything about this. But Lo! I do not. So I ranked them in order of (IMO) what would "have to" be corrected for me to tolerate say...owning a cap with this image on it. then I made those changes one at a time. 1) the antlers. In fairness to Doubleday..there are deer that look like this. But they aren't whitetails and since Gothamite is granting me he prefers "mine"...which aren't mine btw...they are the old ones with the brows inverted. Stage 1 I change those. 2) the stupid sheep nose. Even if you actually like the elk/hart/irish deer antlers part...the white fur that forms the ram, kangaroo, sheep, goat snout is the single most offensive and ineffective part of this mark. Remove that... 3) Whether you like Space Ghost eyes or not...(I love em) it cannot be argued that these eyes are not too much in the center of the head. The artist correct identified the previous logo had accidental human proportions...and then proceeded to duplicate that problem. This would HAVE to be corrected in post for me to look at it everyday. 4) the comic book hero "M" in the neck. A cool idea pushed 50% too far IMO. This to me is the least offensive of the catalog of errors. People like hidden initials and are willing to compromise with stylization to have them. I would have just tweaked it a little bit so it wasn't as overwhelming and didn't make it look like quite as much of a bobblehead atop a neck (like a person). I think it's fair to argue that this set of images includes NONE of my own "vision" at all. I use either the old Bucks marks or the new marks...nothing of my own but nudging and skooching and gentle deleting of bits here and there. So my question to Gothamite or anyone would you really prefer what we got to any or all of these? For my eyes it gets more palatable from left to right. And of course, to me that suggests revisions and time were needed. (as well as skill). The bones of a good mark are there and were there. But if you can look at these 5 and prefer the far left? Then maybe it's an issue of irreconcilable personal taste. I think these are objective problems but it appears at least half don't. What to do when something's objectivity is subjective? Mind blown. Good points all around. I appreciate you taking the time to really delve into this. I'm a lifelong Bucks fan and a huge fan of art/graphic design/etc, etc. I went to school for Graphic Design/Communications and have always had a passion for design, and of course, logos. I'm right there with you, man. I love and respect your similar passion for this. I'm really torn. My Bucks side loves everything about the rebranding. My graphic design side has many issues with it. Looking at these images above, I have to agree, they get better and better as you move to the right. My favorite is actually the "Separate eyes" version (second from right). The Deer head by itself is the best out of all of them. The Big clunky cream circle in the Primary logo isn't particularly appealing, in my opinion. Many I've talked to love it. Many hate it. It's just one of those logos. I love the Roundel logo...however the awkward "M" throws the entire design off. Everything is so smooth/precise/cohesive and then BAM there's a super hero "M" slapped on it. It looks completely and entirely out of place. As a true Wisconsinite, I'm slightly offended by the WI state logo. It's mostly perfect...minus the fact that Wisconsin doesn't look like that. A good chunk of Door County (the part coming out on the right side) is squared off. I thought this was kind of strange. If you're going to make the State a part of the logo, at least make it exactly as it looks. Now, don't get me wrong, all of these logos are HUGE upgrades over what we had. I love the color scheme. I love the overall style. I'm just nit-picking at this point. I'm more concerned about the jerseys. I've been holding off from buying a new Bucks jersey for years and years because I hated them. I was never a fan of the Christmas colors. Yuck. I'm so excited to see how the new ones turn out. I've got high hopes. If I like them, I'll be buying one home jersey and one away. One Giannis, one Jabari. Go Bux.
  5. I've always wondered if they'd ever show the unused options. I guarantee they're 100x better. Welcome to the boards! It's not a half-assed logo. It's a poor thrown together design for a team waiting to be named. Once the name was chosen, a script of the new name was slapped on top without concern for the logo or the brand in general. Thanks for the welcome! Glad to be here. I'm a huge logo enthusiast. Degree in graphic design. All that fun stuff. Been visiting this site/forum for years.
  6. The new rebrand is lame. If it ain't broke, don't fix it:
  7. Love the new logos overall. Obviously a huge upgrade over our current travesty of a logo/color scheme. Wish they would've made the Wisconsin state outline a little more accurate. Not a fan of them squaring off Door County on the right end of the logo. Anyone from Wisconsin knows that's a MAJOR aspect of our state outline and our state as a whole. The 'M' on its own, as many have mentioned, looks way too Superhero-ish. My favorite is the Buck head on it's own. It looks so sharp. I'll definitely be buying a ton of gear with that logo. The color scheme is perfect in my eyes. I was so sick and tired of the Christmas nonsense. Plus, our current green unis are just plain gross. It was time to move on and I'm so happy we did. Go Bucks!
  8. I've been saying this for years: OKC's logo is the worst in professional sports, and it's not even close. It is so incredibly half-assed. I honestly thought it was a joke when it was first unveiled. It's a disgrace to logos everywhere. Not a huge fan of the color scheme either. It's time to move on and never look back. First post, by the way! Long time lurker. Good to be here!