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  1. The second one to me seems the most representative of the Empire State building, but both are improvements.
  2. Maybe extend the base vertically a bit to avoid the testicular comparisons.
  3. Love the vegas set but wish had some awkwardly placed red in it.
  4. D3 Designs

    NWHL Concepts

    Any chance we could get an Californian expansion team?
  5. Love the bright blue and navy combo. Reminds me a lot of the old Thrashers uni. With that being said I'd either ad a gold stripe or drop the top navy stripe to even up the striping. Looks amazing as usual Bosch.
  6. Love the updated logo. I'd maybe make the iris (the colored portion of the eye) red instead of sand to help it stand up more.
  7. It's been awhile since I last posted on this site so decided to comeback with some more NHL related concepts. For this series the goal is not to be an accurate predictor of future Stanley Cup match ups and is more of a fictionalized telling of yet to be played finals. This series is also intended to conform with the continuity of @timberwolf's Champions League of Hockey series, which I was a part of. I will post a brief description of each team's route to the finals and the finals themselves in addition to the concepts. I'm also contemplating adding rosters for each team so comment below if you want see them. Template credits go to Matt McElroy and Josiah Bosch. First up it's the 2022 Stanley Cup featuring the defending champion Anaheim Ducks and upstart Pittsburgh Penguins.
  8. The contrast between the dark navy, white and gold on Buffalo's home is so on point.
  9. Orange on green still makes me squirm Bosch.
  10. I really like the arm striping on kings set, especially on J Bosch's template but the tv numbers bleeding over the shoulders looks kind of awkward. Solid series so far, I'm looking forward to see the next set.
  11. Edinburgh easily the surprise of the tournament.
  12. I believe TPS is owned by a major sports group in Finland that owns teams in multiple sports all bearing the same logo. Similar to Red Bull
  13. I just noticed I forgot to switch the striping on the back of the road jersey. My bad guys.
  14. Love the hoops on the dark uniform. Great idea to emulate the stripes from the US flag.
  15. Thanks for the feedback on the ducks. I originally had some difficulty creating a striping pattern that wasn't simply a recolored, rehash of an older design. Glad to see it came out well.
  16. Truly honored to have been a part of such an ambitious and enjoyable project.
  17. Hey guys it's been awhile but I thought I'd share my latest CSUN concept jersey. I wanted to bring back the old N logo and really create a unique and aggressive stripping pattern to personify the Matadors. Also been messing with a new template. Let me know what you think. C&C is always appreciated.
  18. Niiiiiiiiiccccccceeeeee home. Could be incorporated in the away thoughI wanted to incorporate the Leafs alt. jersey striping for the secondary jersey.
  19. Here's a video link to the full project. Contributions made by Josiah Bosch (Timberwolf Designs), Jay F.S., and Mr. Bradley.