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  1. The Carolina Panthers’ blue was chosen because it was between UNC and Duke’s blues and the Thunder got their orange from mixing the Sooners’ crimson and OK State’s orange, so I felt that a tribute to the closest powerhouse to Birmingham would be fitting. Also, I tried the team logo on a variety of helmets and it always looked off to me, so I went with something different. As for the metallic/reflective part, you are correct, it would not be reflective. My brain is just running on too little sleep.
  2. Also completed are the Birmingham Iron. With two shades of gray accompanying black as their colors, it was fairly difficult to avoid looking like the Raiders. To keep that from happening, I gave them black helmets and black road pants. The numbers on the sides of the helmet are a tribute to the Crimson Tide. Certain elements, like the helmet numbers and stripe, pants pattern, and sleeve pattern, are meant to look like corrugated iron and are reflective. The numbers on the uniform itself, however, are not reflective as a way to improve visibility. The field, again, only changes in colors and turf material.
  3. I've taken your suggestions and made a few changes. For Memphis, I shrank the wordmark down 33%. I also couldn't find a way to keep the multi-colored numbers that I liked, so I changed them to a single color with an outline. Also as recommended, I spiced up the sleeves a bit by adding the team logo to each sleeve. However, to keep the uniform from being too flashy and overdesigned, I made the logo the same color as the rest of the uniform and reflective. With San Diego, I haven't been able to find a way to modify the shoulder stripe that I like yet. I might try to make the shoulder striping more of a piping like on the pants. If anybody has any suggestions, I'd love some feedback on how to make it work best. To add a little extra new content to this post, I've also finished up the Arizona Hotshots. With their bold color palette, I tried to utilize the orange and yellow together as a gradient as often as possible. Under no circumstances was I going to go with a gradient uniform, however, as I want to keep that unique to my home state and the Jazz. As such, the team uses a green helmet and orange home uniform with plenty of fiery gradients mixed in. As with every other team so far, the field is fairly cookie-cutter.
  4. I definitely see what you mean. I changed the numbers on the home uniform to white and the sleeve cuffs and undershirt to yellow to try brightening and lightening it up.
  5. That's an issue I'm trying to work out still. I love the concept and how it looks, particularly on the road uniform. However, that home uniform really wouldn't be easy to read with the blue outline. A white outline doesn't help it, either. I'll keep toying with it and seeing what I can do. While I work to fix it, I've completed the next team, the San Diego Fleet. For the Fleet, the anthracite mixed with yellow and gray was a little difficult to work with. The team goes mono-anthracite at home, as they only have anthracite pants. The shoulder yoke is inspired by US Navy uniforms, but end in a trim around the shoulder cap to keep it unique. The team also has players' last names on the front of the uniforms, also inspired by the US Navy. The helmet stripe matches the pants stripe, with the only difference being the city name on the pants between the stripes. C&C welcome.
  6. I’m using Darth Brooks’ template for the fields and when editing the end zone color it doesn’t come across as the actual hue I want it to due to the texture, while the logo is placed directly on top and doesn’t have an existing texture or effect so it comes across cleaner (if I knew how I’d match them). As for red and brown as a color scheme, Brown University makes it work.
  7. Now that the AAF has unveiled their eight teams' logos, I've started working on some concepts for uniforms and fields for the teams. With Starter coming in so late in the game, I figured using an old Nike template with switched-out logos would make sense, as they would be playing catch-up with the big boys of the uniform world. Each field, however, is identical, minus team branding and colors. First up are the Orlando Apollos. The stripe on the pants and helmet comes to a point from the bottom like the arrow in the team logo. The helmet, sleeve caps, pant stripe, and gloves all follow a gradient between the two oranges the team uses in the logo. Next team up are the San Antonio Commanders. With the unique color scheme of maroon, red, and silver, the Commanders' uniforms feature silver helmets and pants that match because that's something you should be able to do as professionals (here's looking at you, Cowboys). Maroon is the featured color with red used as an accent, and the home uniform features the wordmark and maker's mark reflective in silver. With such a bold color scheme, I didn't want to busy up the uniforms, so there's no striping to be found, although the numbers have a double outline to keep from feeling boring. The Memphis Express are the last team I have ready right now. The team's split wordmark and logo inspire the jersey, as the numbers are split with differently-colored tops and bottoms. To make sure the numbers are legible, they are outlined. The outlines don't match the same half between home and road uniforms to give the team a little extra quirk. Comments and criticism welcome.
  8. I've been doing the same thing but you beat me to posting them, yours looks great! Is the endzone font the same from their logo releases?
  9. Does anybody else read these posts in LaVar Ball’s voice?
  10. As I'm going to have less time to work on my concept starting tomorrow, I figured I'd hurry and get the next team ready. As such, here are the Boston Celtics. The only real difference for the Icon and Association jerseys come from extending the stripes from the shorts to under the sleeves and adding a shamrock on either side of the pants. The team also revives the green-and-gold St. Patrick's Day look as the Statement uniform. As for the City Edition, I change the base color of the uniform from gray to black while maintaining the parquet pattern. C&C welcome.
  11. With the Pacers facing elimination tonight, I've completed Indiana next. The stripes are now under the sleeves and at the base of the shorts as part of a side panel. The font from last season also returns. The pattern on the back of the Statement jersey is removed, as gold is busy enough on its own. For the City Edition, the uniform is navy blue and features nine rows of gold bricks wrapping around the torso representing the finish line of Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The wordmark on the chest also features a stripe across it as a callback to the team's uniforms from the mid-'80s. Any feedback is welcome.
  12. Thanks for the feedback. I've gone ahead and removed the distressed numbers/wordmarks and placed the "OKC" from the logo on the Statement jersey instead of the full logo. Next team on the court are the Washington Wizards. I brought the horizontal stripe to the back of the uniform, this time lining up with the front stripe. The wordmarks on the chest have stars replacing basketballs dotting the "i"s. I've also placed it on the Statement uniform. The striping from the shorts also now carries all the way up the side, rather than carrying just the thin stripe past the shorts. The star on either side of the shorts is now silver to make it stand out better. For the City Edition, I took the "Of Columbia" off the wordmark, as I felt "The District" gave them an even more distinct identity. The City Edition also has a much different side panel for a more modern look and features a star on either side of the numbers on the front and back of the jersey. Thank you all so far for the feedback!
  13. My plan is to keep the Hornets' colors, as the dark purple I gave the Jazz is MUCH different and the league was just fine with the Jazz, Grizzlies, Hornets, and (unfortunately) Pistons all wearing it simultaneously. Besides, how many teams wear blue and red and nobody bats an eye? I want to keep the logo I've got on the shorts right now, but I went ahead and added the wolf to the other side (although without the roundel). I've now finished up my concept for the Thunder. Not only did I create new uniforms for them, but I gave them a modified logo as well. The ball is now centered on the shield, the "OKC" and "Thunder" are in new fonts more evocative of the West, and the lines underneath the shield are gone. For the jerseys, the middle of the side piping is now a gradient and a new distressed font is used for the numbers. The Statement jersey resurrects the Sunset orange look and puts the new logo on the chest with the front number inside of it. For the City Edition, the sides feature a Native American pattern and "Oklahoma" across the chest. As always, C&C welcome and encouraged.
  14. I've made one last version of the Statement jersey and, despite not wanting to shrink the front number, did so in order to put the logo on. I've also completed the Timberwolves. The sleeve and neck striping gets reworked, green is made more prevalent, the blue jersey is now the lighter shade of blue, and the Statement uniform now features "Wolves". The City Edition is still gray, but it's now a fauxback modeled after the Minneapolis Lakers' uniforms and logo. C&C greatly appreciated.
  15. So trying to clear up the "Mike" and "Mickey" problem, I added punctuation to the "MKE." If that doesn't fix it (like it does for the Lakers' MPLS. jerseys), I've added another wordmark, "The Mil". Also, with the Heat on the brink of elimination, I've completed their uniforms (although they're more tweaks than concepts). The wordmarks and numbers now have an extra yellow outline to make them stand out a little more and help bring a little extra color. I also hated how the "Heat" wordmark had the flame coming off it and "Miami" didn't, so I added the flame to the latter. The Statement uniform now has a black wordmark and numbers to match the late-'90s alternate. Finally, the City Edition no longer features black and the striping down the side is replaced with deco-style triangles. C&C are, as always, welcome.
  16. I really like this series, great job with all these jerseys! If there's one thing I'd take issue with, it's the practicality of the front number on the Bucks' Athlete set. A double-digit number wouldn't fit between the antlers, would it?
  17. Any suggested fix? I considered adding some punctuation to clear it up, like the Lakers' baby blues, but I'm not sure what else to do.
  18. I had not seen your concepts but you're right, they are extremely similar. I apologize, but I really just thought it using the chevrons to cap the side panels at top and bottom would be more creative than just stopping at the bottom like the team actually does. As for the collar, I do agree it's very disproportional. I have it so much thicker because that's how it originally looked on the template and it kind of reminded me of how Nike made every NFL teams' collars balloon while completely ignoring the sleeves. For me, it was a sort of "this is what Nike WOULD do" joke.
  19. I've gone ahead and made the NOB on the Bucks' City Edition solid rather than gradient and gave the Rockets yellow collars, along with some other minor changes to that uniform. As for the Spurs' City Edition, I decided to keep the camo, as that's what makes it "City". However, I did go with the old George Gervin-era black-on-black "San Antonio" with black-on-black numbers. The reason I have the Icon and Association tags the way they are is because of how Nike worded it when they originally announced those ridiculous names. I felt like the colored jerseys present more of an homage to the league and its rich, colorful history. Meanwhile what's typically the white uniform pays better tribute to the individual franchise, as that's what fans have seen at their home court throughout the league's past. As for the uniforms, I think the deer head should be much easier to see now, as I've added a thicker cream outline and changed the head to black on the green Association jersey. The Raptors' Association now features a white wordmark and NOB with a black outline. The Spurs now have a white wordmark instead of gray. As for the Rockets’ City Edition, I was inspired by THIS concept and thought that with a few tweaks here and there I could make my own version. Any other thoughts or comments?
  20. Thanks for the feedback. I've gone ahead and thickened the side striping for the Sixers, as well as modified the piping around the arm. For Portland, the diagonal striping was lowered and the name on the chestmark enlarged on each (you were correct about the thinness of the numbers being their font, and I decided not to mess with that). I also made the NOB larger on every jersey, I hadn't noticed how tiny they looked until you mentioned it! Also, I noticed an oversight I had made on each jersey; the NBA logo underneath the collar. So I've gone back and replaced every final version (thus far) with the correct version fixing this mistake. Now for a rush of designs. I have not one, two, or three teams ready, but FOUR all at once. Bear with me. First up are the Bucks. I kept the main concept of the uniforms intact with only slight changes. These include taking the bottom of the side striping of the shirt and matching the base color. I then took the stripe on the shirt and flipped it upside down onto the shorts for a balanced feel. The names on the back are now below the number simply because "Antetokounmpo" is a NIGHTMARE to fit between the shoulder blades. Then on the Statement uniform, I decided to replace the deer head on the chest with "MKE", as I felt it made the front number too small. The main change is to the City Edition jersey, which features "Cream City" around the front number on a cream base with the team's many shades of green from the late '80s. The next team I've got ready are Canada's own Toronto Raptors. The team returns purple to the rotation and uses the chevrons on the sides to cap a contrasting side panel. The City Edition uniform is more of a Country Edition, as it goes with the player numbers enclosed in dark red maple leaves on a red base. After the Raptors come the San Antonio Spurs in all their black-and-silver glory. Contrary to every other Spurs concept I come across, the old fiesta colors are nowhere to be seen with this concept. The only real change to the primary uniforms comes in simplified piping and the side striping being capped by the shape of the top of the Alamo. The City Edition now limits the digital camo to the side striping and neck/arm piping, while featuring "Alamo City" around the front number. The last team I have ready for now are the Houston Rockets. This is where the biggest changes take place. The team removes silver from their colors and reinstates gold. The hoop piping is now a thing of the past, as the side striping is now the trail of a rocket blasting off. The City Edition of the Rockets is where I really came unhinged, giving the shirt a gradient from black to red. Within that gradient are stars and the Houston skyline around the upper torso of the body. The rocket trail is then placed starting on the player's right thigh and works its way up to the chest, where the rocket "R" logo is blasting off to begin the "Rockets" wordmark. C&C welcome, especially if you're looking to help restore sanity over the Rockets' City Edition uniform.
  21. I decided to work on playoff teams first, so with the Blazers eliminated, I figured I'd get them finished first. The team's Icon jerseys are gray, the striping is inspired by the last red alternate Adidas gave them, and the City Edition uniform features the "Rip City" nickname in red and black plaid with plaid numbers and the pinwheel blades stretched out on the sides as piping. As always, C&C welcome.
  22. I've gone ahead and made the City Edition parchment-colored (Milwaukee has cream already) while putting the "Phila" script on the Statement jersey. I didn't want to put it on the City Edition because the stars would be imbalanced. EDIT: Images replaced above.
  23. I decided that I would make this a bit of a series (not sure how long, though). Next team up is the 76ers. I didn't want to change their jerseys too much, as I think they really nailed their last designs, so what I mostly did was brighten the red and darken the blue so they now match the colors of the US flag. The stars remain on the sides of the Icon, Association, and Statement uniforms, but the striping is now narrower. The striping on the sleeves and neck have also been simplified. I reversed the colors of the name and number from front to back just to add a little bit of personality and flair. For the City Edition, I drew inspiration from the '65-'66 uniforms with the front number above "Phila", and the number is surrounded by 13 stars. As always, C&C welcome.
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