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  1. Alright thanks for the input guys. Seems like Saskatchewan is a pretty clear favorite (no surprise). Also sounds like Calgary is either a bandwagon team or a team you're obligated to like.
  2. Haha thanks for the input. I'd consider Winnipeg if it weren't for the Flames-Jets rivalry
  3. Hey everyone, Lately I've become interested in the CFL and have started to follow it. I need a team to root for and I'm trying to decide between the Riders and the Stamps. I like the Stamps because I'm a Flames fan. I like the Riders for obvious reasons; I don't think I'll ever get another chance to root for a major team from a city with less than 200,000 people. Oh, and I'm a Seahawks fan. I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts. Let the debate begin!
  4. Thanks for the advice...any suggestions for Minnesota since it appears you're a resident of the state of hockey?
  5. Thanks for the suggestions, glad to see we aren't the only ones who like the Sharks in orange.
  6. I see your point, but what we were trying to do with the Sharks was something that they hadn't done before, which we thought the orange would accomplish.
  7. I like it, especially the patch logos. One idea would be to use three different logos for each jersey. Just the Totem logo for the home, the "Totems" script for the road, and one of the patch logos for the alt. Just a suggestion.
  8. Hello everyone of CCSLC, I had a random idea for a thread. You know those logos that many MLB teams have on the back of their pitchers mounds? I have recently started noticing those more and more and thought many of them are really cool. So post any examples of those that you have seen and like. Here are some that I've seen from either posts on this site or elsewhere. Also--does anyone know how these are made? ]
  9. I would have to say Astros jersey and cap. I wish they still wore the jersey during games too
  10. Hey everyone I wanted to start another topic, this one about NFL practice uniforms. I've noticed a lot of teams recently getting newer (colored) practice uniform which I think are pretty cool. The Seahawks added a bright green practice uni this year to go with the classic whites and navy. Post your favorite NFL practice unis
  11. Hey everyone I wanted to start a topic about how many MLB teams wear the same jersey but switch hats as an alternate or regularly. I for one like that teams do this. An example is how the Astros sometimes wear their orange hats with the home whites on Sunday instead of their navy caps which they usually pair with the home whites. What other teams do this or used to do this that you guys can think of?
  12. Great job! One thing is that Houston usually wears their orange hats when at home on Sunday's. They haven't the past couple months though. Anyone know why?
  13. These look great! One thing that I would do is use the Padres "P" logo. They stopped using it a few years ago but I think it would be cool if they brought it back. I think you should use it on the home cap and maybe the BP one instead of the "SD"
  14. Yeah it's pretty simple. I'm not really sure, I just really like the color scheme of the red on the cream. Those colors are perfect together
  15. These look great. Not sure if you saw but I did one of these for the MLB a few days ago (yours look a lot better than mine I must add)
  16. I meant Chicago City Flag my bad
  17. The AL East has arrived: Orioles: The grey inside with the orange outline kind of made it glow Red Sox: I think the white with blue combo is good Yankees: It was tough so I made it look like their road wordmark Rays: I stuck to their double blue color scheme and having the powder blue outline makes it glow Blue Jays: I really like the light blue that they used to use and the grey goes well with it I realize these are far from perfect and there is a ton of room for improvement
  18. Alright thanks for the C & C. I'm not necessarily saying that the recolored logos are better than the original ones, it is just an experiment to see how they look with different coloring. So here is the update to the AL Central and the AL East will be coming soon. Minnesota: I just reversed the colors. I think the blue and red are good and there wasn't much else to do Chicago: I went to their retro colors which represents the state flag Cleveland: I could not think of anything to do for Chief Wahoo (it would have been tough to find a different skin color) so I used a wordmark. I like the use of the navy with a grey outline Detroit: I thought they need a blue logo and I added the orange outline to make it pop Kansas City: I really like their powder blue so I tried to incorporate it
  19. Hey guys, I thought a good topic is your favorite workmark logos. They can be from any league. Here a couple of my favorites: Not sure why they are both Cleveland
  20. For anyone who is still following this topic, here is the AL Central:
  21. Alright, thanks for all of the feedback guys. Based off of some of your suggestions, I made some changes to the AL West. I kept the Mariners, Angels, and A's the same. I thought the Mariners and A's were good as they were and I couldn't think of anything else to do for the Angels. For the Rangers I used a new logo because as was pointed out, changing the other logo is like changing the Texas flag. I still wanted to incorporate light blue so I put that in. For the Astros, the other logo did look kind of messy so I changed it. I still wanted to stick with the tequila sunrise though so I found a different way to put it in. I realize that the star is not in the Astros' logo but I don't think it would have looked as good with it. Leave some more feedback and keep following this as I will post the re-colorations for every division soon!
  22. Hey guys, I am doing a logo re-coloration for every MLB team. I chose 1 current logo for each team and I recolored it. Some of them are more drastic changes than others. I am going division by division and here is the AL West to start out with. Tell me what you guys think!
  23. Hey guys! I thought a good discussion topic would be uniforms that teams either used to wear and don't anymore or unused uniforms that teams never wore. Here a couple that come to mind. I want to see what you guys come up with
  24. This is awesome! I love the league logos that you made. I have a few team name suggestions: Albuquerque Desert Dogs Tucson Desert Hawks (I realize that's similar to Albequerque) or the Tucson Ghosts El Paso Southerners Austin Cowboys Boise Pioneers or Boise Journeymen
  25. That's a great idea maybe I could make these signatures. I will try using the same ideas that I had here but I'll use a more detailed template as you guys suggested.