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  1. Hey guys.. it's been awhile since I've posted Here, and i thought that you guys might wanna put this freebie to some good use FREE FOOTBALL HELMET PHOTOSHOP MOCKUP Show off your Logo Designs, School’s Mascot, Sports Branding, Or Business Logo, on a Realistic Football Helmet, featuring editable lighting, Reflections, & Shadows as well as One-Click-Logo integration. If you use this template, please use #sportstemplates on social media when you post it so I can find you and add you to a draw to win free templates!
  2. Just in time for the Euro i managed to get this template out would love to hear your feedback!, the template is Super Editable, Fully Built in 3D, with Reflections, Shadows, Cleanly Separated, for Total Control over the final look of the Design.. DOWNLOAD PSD TEMPLATE
  3. really glad to hear that . Concerning your last comment, i'm still actually thinking of a way to respond becouse you raised a very valid point of how i should be more involved in the forum rather than periodically dropping in for sales pitches.. I've actually been lurking around the forum for a while, but never entered the discussion, i think its about time i get started.. Thanks again for Making me aware of how some members are seeing my posts.
  4. So you basically go around posting the same madden 2010 comment all over my posts ?
  5. Thanks for your feedback dude.. the reflections and specular highlights can easily be turned off to get a matte finish.. if you look at the video around 9:23 i show how the uniform look when these layers are turned off
  6. Thanks alot :).. I'm already working on a fitted cap as well.. I've already made an nfl template that can be found here
  7. I totally get your point that my prices arent exactly hobbyist-friendly, but i have to put some food on the table as well, recently i've been getting messages from designers who bought my templates and said that when they started using them, it was much easier to sell their clients on their uniforms/helmets designs, and they thought that my prices are a steal of the value they got out of them, especially that they can use it over and over again for different clients.. I do have some templates for $12 and these are doing great.. so i’ll try to have more stuff along these prices in the future. but the full uniform kits are super time-consuming that's why i can't go below a certain price. Regarding other designers offering their templates for free.. its most likely because they can't sell it , since they are usually based on a Nike or an under armor Ad photo "while i built mine from scratch in 3D", so if you do design work professionally and care about copyrights you wouldn't wanna be caught with one of these templates in your portfolio, that's why most professionals will gladly pay a premium to make sure that they can present their designs in a professional way without worrying about getting a lawsuit.. Thanks for taking the time to write your feedback man. really appreciate it
  8. @mamiller99 Thanks alot dude i'll try to get my prices down as i start getting more traction, but for now i have to do it for $45+ products because its taking me 160+ Hours to get one of those templates ready and published.. i have a Use Discount Code "MAY16" for %10 off so that will make it $40.. i hope that might help
  9. @darkpiranha Ah Gotcha.. will make sure that this will be the standard for future mockups. stay tuned for Hockey and basketball coming real soon
  10. @darkpiranha So Glad to hear that .. this template already has this feature.. you only need to change colors/logos on one view, and the rest of the views will be automatically updated.. take a look at the video linked above if you'd like to see it in action
  11. GRAND SLAM BASEBALL UNIFORM TEMPLATE So I've finally managed to finish polishing my Baseball template and just released it this morning Full of Features Super Editable, Fully Built in 3D, with Reflections, Shadows, Cleanly Separated,To Give you Total Control over the final look of your Design.. Use Discount Code "MAY16" for %10 off Would love to hear your Comments and feedback Download PSD
  12. I wasnt making a case of them being similar or not.. i was replying to this comment of course they have similarities they are both a 3D football uniform template.. but do they have the same level of details/realism? i would go on on the difference between using a GGX BRDF "what i'm using" and a simple ward BRDF "probably what the game is using" and how that affects reflections and realism of the materials.. but the comparison will be unfair, because i'm comparing a 3D rendered scene to a live game engine..
  13. Present your logo on a realistic Ice Hockey Rink, using photoshop in one click! Hand Crafted 4K Photoshop Logo Mockup An NBA Logo on an Ice Rink Wait what ? Yup! with the Ice rink Photoshop Logo mock up you can put any logo on a realistic Ice rink.. Show off your Business Logo, School’s Mascot, or Sports Branding on an Ice Hockey Rink with a cool 3D render, featuring Changeable Color for the Ice Floor, Realistic lighting, and One-Click-Logo integration. DOWNLOAD PSD
  14. baseball was really tricky to fit into these weird shapes .. but i have baseball templates releasing soon
  15. any and all future updates will be completely free for customers who buy the template
  16. and I'm back with a new template the Abstract Fields are 3 scenes for photoshop, to add a 3D depth to your sports edits, photography, and designs, With Total control over Every aspect. Change the Colors of the Grass field, BasketBall Court, and The Hockey Rink, with one Click, Pick from 4 Backgrounds, and turn on/off the background light as they are on a different layer, all delivered in Ultra 4K resolution! GET THE PSD's
  17. Glad you liked my works mate.. the sports stuff on Graphicriver are mine as well.. and i'll be releasing similar stuff on my new website .. Concerning the pricing, its really based on the amount of time that goes into making these templates.. there is a professional market who will happily pay $45 to make their uniform presentation look better, but i'm aware of the hobbyists , and i'll be considering more flexible pricing in future products for example, may latest product is just $12
  18. Basketball and soccer are coming.. for starters they will feature one style collars, but i'll be adding more in the future.. for now here is a teaser
  19. Thanks man someone actually sent me a message to say that he bought it to pull pranks on his friends
  20. Glad you liked it and Thanks for the critique man.. I'll make sure to fix it it before releasing it.