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  1. Rejected prototypes have been discussed ad infinitum in this forum, but this one is new to me. The topic editor won't allow me to post the pic ... here's a link. Leland's Auction page It's up for sales at Lelands. The auction blurb reads ... Pro Player was the official on-ice game jersey supplier to the Pittsburgh Penguins in 1999-00 and was developing designs for the next season's alternate jerseys. This is one of those designs with Owner Mario Lemieux's name and number. CCM/KOHO was awarded the contract for the entire NHL in 2000-01 thus making this jersey extremely unique. Pro Player Authentic tag in the neck above the size 54 fly tag. Pro Player and NHL logos embroidered on the back right hem. Comes with original SP Apparel Sample Submit Tag to Pro Player dated January 13, 2000. And as of this posting, nobody's bid. It can be yours for $200.
  2. Check out the socks on the guy second from the left. Ugh. What are you complaining about? It's the WHITE SOX. (Ducks to avoid things being thrown at his head.) I'd love to see those Sox uniforms in colour. Here's a bit of a sample.
  3. I agree those European soccer logos are hard, well, except for Arsenal. But I also noticed the CFL logos are the two least recognized among those who have taken the quiz. Only 12 & 14 percent could pick out the Argos and Eskimos.
  4. I was reading another post on the new Quad City Mallards look. So I thought I'd see what's going on in the IHL, and I came across this photo. You think they could have held off "Breast Cancer Awareness Night" until they weren't playing a team in lime green.
  5. My bad. I did a search under "Missouri Football" not "Nike Pro Combat". So I didn't realize it had already been posted.
  6. Caught a bit of the Mizzou - Kansas game over the weekend. Missouri was wearing the Nike Pro Combat gear. I know Nike's taken a lot of heat for what it's doing to football uniforms, but the flat grey helmets looked great on TV (darker than the attached picture). I thought the mix of grey, black and gold came off well. A good flash photo gallery here ... Mizzou photos
  7. Why would you pay money to be seen with one of those goofy things on your noggin? Even the model seems slightly abashed. It looks like second prize at a crappy carnival, you know after the gigantic red and white "Cat in the Hat" hats.
  8. The 1968-1970 look. Dropthepucks.com used to have a picture of one, but the website's been inactive for a couple of years.
  9. I don't know about the colours, but there sure is too much "Mikan crotch" for my liking in that Wikipedia picture. YIKES! Maybe those super-long modern shorts aren't so bad after all.
  10. Holy hyperbole Batman! To read it, you'd think Nike just saved college basketball players from the apolcalypse. Imagine all those poor schmucks who used to have to play without Nike's "basketball-specific protective padding".
  11. You want funny t-shirts - minus the sports movies themes - go here ... TshirtHell Warning: Likely to offend just about everybody in some way or another.
  12. They really need to ditch the curved hemlines - Guerin looks like he's wearing a diaper. Yep, and the non-connecting sock stripes. That poor lassie, she's freezing her navel ring off! Non-connecting stripes? Curved hemlines? I can't even see Guerin in that shot
  13. The Vicious Wildebeests, The Vermont Windowashers' Academy, The Vandal Wanderers .... uh, that's what I got.
  14. "le" is an article, just like "the" in English. It would not be Expos le baseball, as that would be like saying "Expos the Baseball". I believe that the french version of the team would be "Les Expos de Montreal" What I see in the expos logo is an "M" (entire logo) for "Montreal", "e" (red part of logo) for "Expos", and "b" (solid blue part of logo)for "Baseball". I also think that (but I could be wrong) the red colour represents English speaking Montreal, while the blue coluor represents French speaking Montreal. From sportsecyclopedia.com Logo: A stylized eMb, which stands for Expos de Montréal Baseball; the 'e' is in red, the 'M' in white and blue, and the 'b' in blue.
  15. Drill down a bit, it's about fourth story