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  1. FUDGE. I had them and then my computer got stolen and I no longer have them. :censored:ing hell. Oh well. They were amazing and I was planning on making some posters for my room. Thanks conrad
  2. Federation Classic Good guess. But my alternate guess for it was the Final Frontier Old Style variation. What's even the difference between those two? Thanks so much guys!
  3. since I couldn't PM you I will put this here. Hey, man first off I want to say you are my favorite person this week. A quick google search for Mets font and after a little bit I found your thread. Then I found this forum site. I knew this site before and I'm an avid uni-watch freak. But I didn't know this forum existed! So my questions. Is there any way for the fonts you could include lowercase letters for people like deGrom and d'Arnaud. Also you know the Mets script? is there a font for that? You are my hero! -Eric
  4. Anyone know if this font has a name?
  5. Team: New York Mets Number:48 Name: deGrom Uniform: Current home royal blue alternate Thanks so much man!
  6. Holy sht this is amazing! Do mets soon! Great work man.