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  1. That is quite possibly the biggest dork ever. But, blue Blue Jays caps would be sweet next year.
  2. To recap: The "source" was not a kid on a school trip, it was a kid mentioning offhand that the Sabres will change to me.
  3. Hook me up.
  4. Ugly. Continuing in the tradition of Atlanta thirds.
  5. OOOO YEAH. Gotta love the throwbacks...
  6. It's still a uniform change for the season.
  7. Thanks guys. It's a really awesome logo!
  8. "The Detroit Lions will once again be celebrating and commemorating their rich history by embarassing themselves on national TV. They will also unveil their official 2004 marketing campaign, Hey We've Got To Win Sometime."
  9. I've seen a logo with a NY Giants qb coming out of Giants Stadium. How old is this/is it ever used much?
  10. Hmm..then what's the primary? Still the updated old logo? I actually thought that the secondary logo was the primary... This is probably Dumars' slowly getting rid of the teal uniforms.