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  1. I think the late 90s/early-mid 2000s Pepsi logo was the best. I don't know why did they made the current logo. They should have just digitize it.
  2. It won't happen until 2016 and they leaked it on Facebook and when they were promoting a show that going to primere in January So, they're going to have that logo introduced on TV around January?
  3. They did it with the check at the right end, because they wanted the T-Mobile CEO to make fun of them.
  4. I still see the old logo on my TV. How did they change their logo?
  5. Well, I don't use their browser, but this logo looks decent to me.
  6. I liked the old logo better. I wonder on why every new logo has to be all simple? Were they made up by former employees of Chermayaff & Geismar?