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  1. the 3 isn't wider than any of the other numbers other than 1. so it'll fit like 99/82/77 does.
  2. I've sat with these and i like them. much like when the first set was introduced it'll take me a while to love them. the look is really simple, maybe too simple, and surprisingly cohesive.
  3. pardon my ignorance on all of this but what nfl franchise is consistently wearing throwbacks from their former city?
  4. i think Nike has a bunch of ideas, then you get someone in there who is excited by the possibilities, i'm sure the NFL people have notes to what works on tv and branding. throw it all together and you get some of these creations. it's like build-a-bear.
  5. Exactly. How do you spend the time they spend on these things and the numbers are barely visible on your marquee(home) uniform? But i am glad the fans like them.
  6. all i know, certain things scare me. Like what nike did to the lions(guaranteed to re-brand in 2022), the numbers for the Seahawks, Bucs, Vikings and Lions and pants for the Browns. If the Titans steer clear of those i'll be happy. but i could be asking for a new unforeseen atrocity.