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  1. I mean, quite literally: If that isn't a "I likes what i likes don't discuss it", then I don't know what is.
  2. You can't just give every classic match-up an automatic thumbs up, you have to do it case by case. There's an awful trend on this board where any classic matchup is automatically praised, and every modern match-up is automatically bad. That's not using your brain at all, that's deciding whether or not you like something before you have even attempted to analyze it, and that's really toxic to a community that wants to discuss uniforms. It's very frustrating trying to have debate/conversation as to why I or someone else thinks a uniform is good/bad, and I get met with non responses and statements like "no it's a traditional uniform, it's good, shut up". It would be really nice if I could say "I don't like this matchup and here's why", and get "i disagree and here's why."
  3. I know, and it was a bad looking matchup because there was too much orange and white. What's your point?
  4. Can we stop with the "I nominate [random traditional matchup] as uni matchup of the week, so clean!"? There is way, WAY too much orange and white going on there in order for it to look good. Plus personally, Auburn's aways have always sucked, way too much striping to where it looks messy. At least the homes have the blue jersey to make it look more palatable.
  5. I generally agree with you, however I don't think my gripe is necessarily with the concept rather than the execution. As a one off, I'm happy with it, but there is no way that would be ok to have as a full time uni, it just looks way too goofy and dated. I think some variation of the first uniform could be used today, but the other just have way too much 80s and 90s in them to work now. Also notice how both of those only have one instance of rainbow stripe, not two, which is one of the reasons the throwbacks look so goofy to me. Too much rainbow.
  6. Unpopular opinion, I really don't like those uniforms, the helmet is really dated and the plain green numbers with the rainbow everything else looks bad. The 2005 (?) - 2008 (?) unis were perfect. I would be ok if they went back to being rainbow warriors, but not with those uniforms. I think improvements would be taking away the shoulder stripes and just using numbers, putting the regular Hawaii logo on the helmet, and maybe using a rainbow helmet stripe. I have a feeling that would look a bit less ridiculous, at the very least it wouldn't use that awful logo.
  7. Army going all black today against Fordam. Rather unfortunate, their standard unis are so great.
  8. I don't care what anyone else says, Oregon is at their best when they look like a special edition gummy bear, rather than a luxury sedan with a fancy paint job.
  9. Was hoping to hear from a Ute fan, but I guess that makes sense.
  10. I watched the Utah game, and all the Utah fans I've seen are really optimistic. Can anyone fill me in on why? That looked really brutal on both sides of the ball.
  11. A few interesting notes about UCF and FIU today. UCF is wearing white/black/black, which I don't think I've ever seen them wear before. Looks like ass, hope they never wear it again. Secondly, FIU's pants actually do have stripes, but they're these weird claw marks on their butt. Don't have a pic, but they also look like ass, as well as their tin foil coated numbers. Small things ruining a potentially great looking game.
  12. I actually love the pants, they're unique and interesting while maintaining some semblance of tradition. I can't get over the absolutely useless black fills on their jerseys tho, ruins what I think would be a great uniform.
  13. I personally don't think that Rams uniforms are too great, and I think the Ravens look better with black pants, but yeah otherwise I can see your point. One thing to note is that they all have pants stripes (except the ravens one i think?), while the UM uniforms to my knowledge won't. tbh, in general yellow jerseys suck, that's probably the bigger issue.
  14. Honestly not even sure about that, Blue, Maize, White is really not a good look. Just in descending from Dark, lighter, to lightest looks bad. Not that all maize is good either, but I think at the very least saying it would be "so much better" is a bit of an overstatement.
  15. The whole thing looks incredibly cheap. Seriously disappointed if these are our standard duds, these look like catalogue uniforms.
  16. It's almost as if the players enjoy those sort of things or something. Unless you're some kind of blackout reveal hype video truther who thinks all of those are false flags by the apparel company or something stupid like that. You know the whole "Recruits love the crazy uniforms" thing wasn't original total bull, schools like Oregon and others who started doing more alts absolutely got a boost because of it because their willingness to appeal to a younger crowd did just that. It only stopped working when every single other school followed suit, and now it's a joke, but originally that idea had merit to it. In the end, it's all great to make fun of how colleges have really bad taste in how they arrange colors on tights, but we also have to step back and realize that our opinion doesn't mean anything, and that we aren't the target audience at all. It's like when people online point out plot holes in kids cartoons. They're not necessarily wrong, but they are far and away from the target audience and no one who is making the cartoon cares about their opinion. In a professional sport it's another matter, and those players are being paid lots of money to represent a brand, and should look as professional as possible. In college those kids are not being paid anything to work way more than the average student and maybe occasionally barely scrape enough funds to order a pizza that they are contractually obligated to not get for free. Let them look a little crazy.
  17. I think kids should be able to mix and match and have fun because it's college, not the NFL. We can criticize how bad their uniforms look till we're blue in the face, and I'll probably join you, but don't for a second pretend that kids on the University of Buffalo's football team should give a :censored: that they don't have an iconic brand. If they want to get hyped up about wearing black and chrome once in a while, go ahead, college is about exploration and having fun anyway.
  18. easily better than the black and green 00s mess we used to have. We played pretty decently too all things considering.
  19. The entire uniform is a disaster colorwise. Yeah, the base design is good (other than the words on the pants, that's awful), but they look like bed sheets covered in yellow discharge. Really hoping they can somewhat keep the base design but actually make it legible and with some green in the future. No idea how people are loving this, it reminds me of the 2011 national championship unis, which also sucked.
  20. Damn, after last year's UW game, i was hoping we'd dress up like Wisconsin just for kicks. Then maybe go as Notre Dame against USC. Who knows, the possibilities are endless.
  21. IDK, that looks way too much like a Grambling throwback for me, but that's probably mostly due to it being a Russell uniform. The other two that were posted are perfecto, stick with those.
  22. But how will they compete in recruiting with UGA if their uniforms don't have beehive patters on them?