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  1. It's a flag dude, it doesnt have feelings. If you wanna wear usa socks, no one should stop you.
  2. After how we played last week, I'm gonna assume we're wearing black as preemptive mourning.
  3. Just wear green guys, it's really not hard
  4. Give me one damn good reason Oregon's uniforms can't be at least half as cool and thoughtful as that. Honest to god, near perfect as a one off.
  5. There is no reason you can't just replace old benny with the new logo and have that be their regular uniforms. Those are just about perfect.
  6. We really shouldn't wear anything other than all green at home if we're gonna only monochrome, it's the best look there. The all yellow looks like walking bananas.
  7. Oregon and Stanford is gonna be a great looking game. Only thing that would've been better would've been yellow pants, but im happy we arent gonna look like bananas.
  8. Colorado is the only school that makes the GFGS work imo. It works so perfectly with their color scheme even as a gimmick. Everyone else can eat my ass though, even Oregon and Oregon State.
  9. Why can't those feathers just be yellow dammit? What's even the point of making a design element and then ensuring nobody will be able to see it in game, this is my biggest uniform trigger ever and Oregon has destroyed me with this for years. I don't understand how or why it's a thing, it's ok to have visual designs people can see nike.
  10. I'm just gonna say it, I like these. Assuming we have other unis that make mix and matching not impossible, I think Oregon succeeded in making a statement. Laugh at the hilariously large numbers and colored nameplates, I guarantee you other schools are gonna copy this. You talk about it like they failed in their branding, but the entire internet has gone on fire about these for better or for worse, and that's exactly what oregon wants. I'd say they did a great branding job, they look like nothing else out there and they are causing massive controversy. What isn't Oregon about that?
  11. Are we only going to have white jerseys with black numbers? Because if so, yikes on a candlestick, we're literally not going to have a single ok away look other than mono white. Other than that, awful numbers aside im actually ok with these. Helmets are great, love the simple colors, pants are good. Really, anything is better than the last two years, so whatever, I'll take these.
  12. Probably my favorite uniform this offseason. They never should've left this design and I'm so glad they came back to it in updated format. Under armor is still making good unis, shame more schools aren't picking them up.
  13. I can't remember a single uniform offseason that has been worse than this. I can't off the top of my head think of a school who upgraded except virginia and arkansas. Seems like it's all just a giant reaction to the over-design and chrome bull previously, where now no one is adding any design at all and just using the fill tool once and spamming fire emojiis on the reveal twitter posts. I miss the Pro Combat era guys, I can't believe I'm saying this.
  14. Can the trend of not having any stripes or any kind of uniform details die now? I hate this more than I hated chrome or any other fancy bull :censored:. The font on the ISU uniforms is nice but dear lord what was wrong with the double stripes? It seems like a reaction to how much stuff they put into fancy uniforms, and now everyone wants to use the fill tool and call it a day. Really annoying, stripes are some of the best parts of football uniforms. On the other hand, Arkansas looks fantastic.
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