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  1. Yeesh all I see are Texas Tech, Florida State, and USFSame here. It's amazing how many schools rip off logo and/or design elements of college and NFL teams. Vega's uniforms don't look very white and green to me. It's suppose to be white and black with an outline of gold on the numbers
  2. A lot of highly ranked high school teams will travel to other states to play top tier teams. A constant top ten team in my area (Buford) plays a team from another state every year. Depending on the size of the schools the districts may be a bit larger out in West Texas. It's not uncommon for that to happen. It changes every season too. Except Wichita Falls' district has schools from White Settlement, Fort Worth, Azle, and Denton (all of which are within the DFW area*), as well as another Wichita Falls School. I guess I just think another school in that region of Texas, like Sherman or Mineral Wells, makes much more sense as a nondistrict opponent than one that's almost in New Mexico. *And that makes zero sense, too; it's at least an hour-and-a-half drive from Denton to Wichita Falls. Districts change every other year, and yes the closest district game for Amarillo High and Amarillo Tascosa is in Lubbock, but to get a formidable matchup they have to go to the next biggest city. -some go as far as 3 or 4 hours away just for a district game. Crazy I know. That's the Texas Panhandle for you