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  1. Here is the next set MINNESOTA TIMBERWOLVES
  2. Made some final adjustments to Denver, The G's now look like G's and I added mountains to the Alt reducing the "Equalizer" look of the skyline. Let me know what you think. up next is Minnesota.
  3. I could see orlando doing something like Spaniards or something to do with conquistadors
  4. The alternate is quite different than what they have now, I wanted to create something that made since with the other uniforms rather than just a completely different alt. this version is based on this logo...
  5. thanks for the feedback guys! I am making some changes, I was actually debating on doing this, I have an option that will fit nicely in, let me know what you think once I post it here soon. I know what you mean, I am going to add some piping along the neck and sleeves, nothing too fancy though. Want to keep a minimalistic design overall.
  6. Really like the color choice, i have always thought the Wolves branding was outdated. Personally liked the "Didn't make the cut" state primary best. Good work all around!
  7. ctmokla918

    NBA Rebrands

    Hey guys, this is my first topic.. Last night I kept complaining about the Denver Nuggets branding and uniforms so I decided to create a series where I will do the entire NBA. May take a while to get all 30 teams done. Nevertheless I would love your feedback positive and negative. Thanks all! also shout out to @tbdaniel15 for creating the uniform templates I will be using. DENVER NUGGETS
  8. Really like the stripe on the Iowa uniforms, not a huge fan of the MSU stripe though, feel like its a little much... maybe try something more like the Tennessee Titans.
  9. Love the deminsion on the oilers logo!